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As a copywriter, how do you ensure that text runs smoothly? If you know for whom you write and for what purpose, you still have to ensure that you write a catchy text with that information. That is why you will find a number of basic writing tips for a good text in this article. Handy for the novice copywriter!

1. Make your point in the introduction:

People want to know as soon as possible if a certain text is interesting for them. That is why it is important to make the core clear immediately in the introduction.

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A good introduction differs per text and per copywriter. Some people like to start with an anecdote. Others start with one or more questions. You can also simply get the essence of the story in one go. What works is different per text and depends on your writing style. One thing is certain: make clear as quickly as possible where you want to go and what your point is. If you need more information you can refer
to this website.

Images also help with this! With images in your text, the reader can estimate faster whether this text matches what he/she is looking for.

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2. Ensure consistency:

The second writing tip is to ensure consistency. By maintaining a certain consistency in your text, it is easier for the reader to navigate. This also makes reading more pleasant.

Nothing is as sloppy as using different forms of contact. A reader has been personally drawn to your story for two paragraphs. And suddenly you start talking to a plural form, or to you.

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If I suddenly write this article for you, so that you can make your next blog post run better with these tips, does that feel strange? You sound more formal, more distant and entail certain respect. “You” gives a more familiar and accessible feeling and is a more spoken language. Whatever you choose: hold this for the entire article. It is not only sloppy but also confusing when different forms of address are used interchangeably.

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It must also be clear from whom the story is told.

A message can be written by one person, several people, an entire editorial team or the narrative form can be kept general. If you maintain one narrative form, this will ensure a neat, clear and personal text.

Extra tip: if you write a text on your own, it may be beneficial to us in the form to write. This provides more support and persuasiveness. This is especially useful for websites or advertising texts.

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ideas for better writing

Introduction of a paragraph:

It reads nicely if each paragraph is structured in the same way. First, a short statement, followed by a further explanation of the topic. Or first a number of advantages and in the following paragraph a number of disadvantages.

In this article, I make my point in two or three sentences at the beginning of each paragraph. In the second paragraph, I then provide further explanation. This way you as a reader can quickly determine whether you think it is worth reading further, or whether you can skip that consistency tip. In this way, I also prepare the reader for what is to come, just as with the introduction of the article.

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Headers and summaries:

Do you notice that my headers all have the same style?

The following headings would be a lot sloppy and unclear:

• Text that does not contribute to your goal
• Delete the text that does not match your target group
• Write a flashy introduction
• How do you ensure consistency?
• Delete unnecessary words

The above five examples each form a different style of writing your headers. Ensure consistency so that the reader knows where he stands. This also applies to summaries that you make in the text.

3. Delete the text that does not contribute to your goal:

Make sure that all the text that you write contributes directly to the purpose that your text has. That way it is easier for the reader to follow your story and read it to the end.

4. Delete the text that does not match your target group:

Do not only take your goal into account but also your target group. If you write a text for laymen, explain certain technical terms to make the text understandable. On the other hand, if you write for professionals, you can skip that explanation. Nothing is so annoying to first scroll through entire pieces of information that you already knew.

You do not have to explain to a copywriter that before writing, he must have the goal and the target audience clear. Which is handy: give a tip to actually stay close to this goal with writing! So you don’t have to explain to an interior designer what HPL is and to a football player what is offside. You know in advance who your target audience is, so make sure that all the text you write is really aligned with this. And that is why an important writing tip is: delete!

5. Delete unnecessary words:

Unnecessary words or catchwords appear useless with excessive use. Become aware of these words. At the end of your text, use CTRL + F, check the text again and delete it.

If you have to write a good piece of text of 500 words but you come to the 450, then you can of course easily put words between sentences to make it all look a bit more. For example, I smuggled around 17 words into this paragraph. But it does not necessarily contribute to the ultimate goal and a smoothly running text. In addition, it also seems somewhat uncertain, because you remove the power from a sentence.

A smoothly running text is a clear text

Ultimately it is all about communicating one clear message to your reader, tailored to his level, with as little distraction as possible. This way, the reader can immediately determine what he can do to spend time on your text. In addition, he does not get confused or distracted by unnecessary information while reading. Deletion, clarity, and consistency form the core of a smoothly running text.

I hope that these writing tips will help you and that your next text will run even better!


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