Writing Tips for First-Time Fashion Bloggers



You read fashion blogs daily. You feel inspired to start your own. But you don’t know where to start, or what to write about. Help!

Fear not! Fashion blogging is not rocket science. It does, however, require lots of passion and dedication to make your short blurbs blossom into a full-blown fashion blog. If you are reading this, it means that you have a passion. Now it’s time to give it form with a few writing tips.

Where to begin?

Why do you want to blog?

Before buying a domain name, choosing a hosting service, picking a WordPress or other free template, and setting up your social media accounts, think about why you are doing this. There are a number of questions you should ask yourself to find if blogging is right for you.

Next, think of possible topic ideas.

Brainstorm content ideas

First things first. Decide what you want to write about – fashion, beauty, lifestyle, or a mix of the three. Take as much time as you need to scribble down as many blog ideas as you can. Check what other fashion bloggers are writing about, and copy their titles.

Do the same with fashion magazines. What you should end up is a list of several dozen ideas to write about. Even if you run out of things to blog about, you can always rehash an older idea and give it a different spin. If you are struggling to find good topics to write about, consider using some tools to find inspiration.

Pick your platform

Before you write your very first piece of fashion content, think about the blogging platform you are going to use. Do a bit of research before choosing the right blogging platform for you.

WordPress is the other strong contender. WordPress offers plenty of options for customization alongside a host of good website plugins. It gives you the freedom to run a flexible and dynamic blog without any prior technical experience.

Medium is another great blogging platform. Just set up your account and start writing. The best thing is that the website has an established community of writers, journalists, and bloggers, so you won’t have to look far for potential readers. And if your content is good enough it could be picked up by the website and featured on their homepage, getting more readers to your blog.

Blogger is an old blogging platform great for newbies that do not want to think about customizations and plugins. It comes free the moment you register a Gmail account, and it has everything you need to start blogging.

Write smart, write to last

Now that you have what to write about, it’s time to get serious. Starting your fashion blog might seem scary, but once you get the hang of it, it could be a very rewarding experience.

The title and the opening line

The very first thing people will notice when they go to your blog is the blog post titles. No matter how good your posts are, no one will click on them if your titles are generic. This is why you have to make them exceptional, forcing people to click on them. Some good tips for writing brilliant blog titles include writing short and engaging titles.

Find your voice

Every fashion blogger should develop their own writing style. Creating it comes with practice, but once achieved, it will make your pieces unique. Before you start writing, consider how you want your posts to be perceived. Do you want to sound serious and authoritative? Or maybe fun and lighthearted? The more you write, the easier it will be to stick to your style.

Commit to a writing schedule

Whether you consider your fashion blog a mere hobby or a potential source of income, you will have to commit to a writing schedule. For example, try writing every single day and see how that goes. Writing often will help you get more readers and hopefully make your blog more popular.

Stay on point

If you want people to return to your blog for more, you will want to keep yourself focused and your writing consistent. After you finish writing your articles, take a break, and then try re-reading them. This will help you trim any repetitiveness or excessive text, and focus on the important things.

Give value to your readers

girl holding camera

This should go without saying, but when you write do so with your readers in mind. Is what you are blogging about interesting and valuable for them, or is it just a filler? People want to read articles that inspire, help, or teach. Give them that, and they will come back for more.

Deal with the challenges of blogging

Being a blogger is a tough job, and can be very challenging at times. Dealing with the many challenges bloggers are struggling with, could be the difference between having a soaring success or fizzling out. First-time fashion bloggers are facing many obstacles early in their careers. One of the biggest problems most novice bloggers are having is setting unrealistic expectations, and failing to reach them naturally leads to demotivation. Not dealing with that early on might kill the best of blogs outright.

Keep the flow going

To sustain the writing momentum, you need a plan. The best way to do that is to set objectives and follow them. Some websites offer free sheet templates that can help you set your goals, and track their progression. Use writing goals as a way to focus your creative efforts, avoid procrastination, and become a better fashion blogger.

Don’t forget to have fun

Being consistent, having a voice of your own, and sticking to a blogging routine is all great. Blogging should be fun, and not a chore. If you don’t see the pleasure in it, there is no point in starting. If blogging feels more like a hobby, and you spend countless hours explaining the difference between fuchsia and purple, then don’t think twice, start blogging right away!

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