What Does a Spa Day Consist Of



To some, the idea of going to a spa is the most relaxing thought they will ever have, however, others become nervous and anxious about just thinking of going to a spa.

Imagine you’ve got a gift card or a voucher for your birthday to a day spa resort and you decide to use it, what should you expect from the offer?

Well, having a day spa and spending some hours there is an outstanding experience that will bring you moments of relaxation in an invigorating environment.

If you haven’t visited any kind of spa yet, it can be hard to know what to expect, and you may even find yourself in a state of uncertainty.

Being aware that there are many people who have doubts of attending a day spa, we have made an ultimate guide to help you through your first spa experience, so you get the most appropriate day spa feeling.

By the moment you finish reading this article, be sure that you will be already having your voucher in your hand heading to the spa resort. Let’s start:

What to Wear in Spa?

The biggest concern of attending a day spa, or literally a massage is usually the act of taking your clothes off. Don’t worry about that, because there are strict protocols when it comes to a massage.

The only uncovered part of your body is the one which is exposed to be worked on. The rest of your body is covered with a blanket or a large towel, but if you are a really shy one, you can keep your clothes on for some treatments, like a facial one.

In the end, you will realize that you should only take your swimming suit and show up with a T-shirt and some pair of jeans. Most spas provide a warm robe and sandals, and with them, you may be doing saunas, spas, and full-body mud baths.

If you are concerning for your stuff, the day spa provides a personal locker with a key to keep your valuables, but it is preferable not to take any jewelry or items you won’t need that day.

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Spa Treatments

Every day spa offers you the basic spa treatments which are massage, including medicine massage or relaxing massage, facial, many-body treatments, spray tanning, or manicure and pedicure, and all-day spas have trained therapists that provide specialist treatments.

It is easy to find what the day spa offers, and often you will get day spa packages in order to provide you a complete spa experience.

There are half-day and full-day sessions, and also a wide range of options that will fit your requests and interests, including special diet food, with pure water, healthy drinks, herbal teas, and fresh juices.

The facial treatments will bring the shine on your face and glow on your skin, and the massage will relieve your muscle tension and improve circulation, ease your psychological stress and many other benefits.

To fully experience your day spa moment, you shouldn’t miss the finishing touches that include manicures, pedicures, spray tanning, makeup, and more.

These are just some extra touches of class that will make your spa journey unforgettable before you leave.

massage in spa

After Spa Day

After a spa day, you get so many benefits for both body and mind, so you would get the feeling of never having second thoughts about attending a spa day, or feel guilty for treating yourself like you actually deserve.

Sharing is caring has the right meaning when you are simply taking care of your health, and a day spa is a perfect solution.

Everything, from treatments to lighting and music, has the main purpose of making you calm, relaxed and chill out. After a spa treatment, you will leave your stress aside and you will walk in your body like on seven heavens.

And if work, marriage or just your life is recently stressing you out, a good spa day is all you need. Remember, the most important person in your life is you, and don’t you ever miss a chance of having a “me-time”.


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