What Are Micro Weddings And Why You Should Have One?



The world is changing. From the way we communicate, socialize to our lifestyle and our routines. The effects of coronavirus will be apparent in our routines for years to come.

One area that coronavirus has affected and one which alternatives and solutions will need to be created and that is how we organize and plan a wedding.

A special and memorable event in the happy couple’s life, the way that we organize our weddings will need to be analyzed to enforce social distancing and prevent the further spread of coronavirus. 

Within this blog post, we will look at what are micro weddings, the benefits of a micro wedding and more importantly, why you should consider organizing a micro wedding following the release of the coronavirus lockdown. 

What are micro weddings? 

A term that many of us may not have been aware of until now, you can be excused from asking the question, what are micro weddings? Micro weddings are a smaller, more intermediate style of wedding.

With the number of guests ranging from anywhere between 5-50, a micro wedding will typically include only close friends and immediate family.

What is the difference between micro weddings and elopement? 

Small in size, micro weddings are often confused between elopement. Although at first glance, micro weddings may appear similar, there is a distinct difference.

Although the guest count may be on the smaller size, elopement is different and is typically conducted in secret with the addition of only one witness. 

A smaller and more scaled version of a large, big, brass traditional wedding, a micro wedding is just a condensed version that can still consist of the addition of live wedding bands.

live wedding band

With elopements typically being spare of the moment, a micro wedding will involve much planning and organization. From the planning of the wedding venue, to the location to enjoy a post-wedding dinner with close friends and family. A micro wedding offers a more intermediate and personalized day with the couple in mind. 

Benefits of a micro wedding? 

When it comes to what is a micro wedding and asking yourself, whether a micro wedding is right for you. First, you must look at the benefits of a micro wedding.


One of the biggest draws of planning and organizing a micro wedding and that is how budget-friendly this smaller style of wedding is.

Ideal for those couples who have a particular image and theme for their wedding in mind and want to place all their resources into a particular area.

Instead of having to spread their limited budget across the entire wedding, the couple can instead focus on the smaller details which may be impossible when planning a large wedding with hundreds of guests. 

More personalized

When planning a micro wedding, couples are amazed at how personalized they can make the big day. From allowing them to put their full attention and see all aspects of the day in its entirety, couples can guarantee that it all flows and that it has its own personalized, unique touch.

With all couples intending to only get married once within their lifetime, making sure that the big day is special is key.

Adding those smaller personalized touches either to the wedding favors or to the bouquet of flowers that are placed on the dining tables, you can add the finishing touches and organize a spectacular micro wedding to remember. 

More meaningful 

A follow up to the ability to create a more personalized wedding and that is the added meaningfulness that is incorporated into the big day.

By stripping back on guests and inviting only those you truly care about and by organizing a personalized day that meets all your childhood fantasies, you can create a meaningful wedding day full of smiles and laughter. 


An already increasing popular style of wedding, we are confident that the rise of micro weddings is imminent following the Coronavirus outbreak.

Allowing guests to organize a smaller and more intimate wedding surrounded by close friends and families, there has been much confusion about micro weddings and elopement.

For your convenience, we have looked at what are micro weddings and the difference between micro weddings and elopements, as well as, the benefits of this smaller style of wedding.

Allowing the happy couple and guests to celebrate within a smaller group, this style of wedding is best suited to our new form of lifestyle and our expected need for social distancing and communicating within a smaller social circle. 

We would love to hear from you and discover whether you have organized a micro wedding and your personal experience of this smaller form of wedding. Comment below and share your experience today. 


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