What Affiliates Need? and Other Helpful Tips



Are you convinced by affiliate marketing? Do you want to make it your business model?

This method, easy to set up, still requires the development of an effective communication strategy, an analysis of the repercussions, and permanent questioning.

You may be thinking of ways to become a successful affiliate; truly, in any marketing field, affiliate marketing is the most successful. We tend to be a little too idealistic and wrap our minds around unrealistic notions.

All of us have different dreams and goals. How the affiliate world works is that there are a few tools that we will use to determine if we are on the right track or not.

Deciding on the right niche is of utmost importance, just take a few minutes to review a few of the online sites like Amazon. Once you have done that, you would want to review some of the affiliate marketing forums and blogs. By reviewing some of the more popular sites, you will get a few things on your mind. Things like, is this product worthwhile, should I push hard on this niche, is there a future for this niche? Will these people shop for this product? Will they fail at this product?

It is very easy to get caught up at, end of the story. One of the first affiliate marketing tips and a must for affiliates is to understand we are in it for the long haul. Affiliates are business owners, they run a tight ship, and like with most successful small businesses they do not want to take risks. Most of them fail early too. By taking a long term view, affiliates would be able to determine if they were on the right track or not.

Best affiliate marketing tips are mostly about small things. Because the smallest things can make the biggest difference. As affiliates we can notice to make mistakes, we rely on our experience and what the company has to offer. Will it be a good match? e.t.c. If we are not happy with the product we ask for our money back.

This is nothing new in the business world. Affiliates do not fall in love with products all the time. Some give up because they are not satisfied with the product and they run away.

In the end, we depend on the company to keep us safe and happy. They do their job when it comes to making and keeping us happy. Every company has its ups and downs. The question is how we as affiliates can protect ourselves from the process.

All of us involved in affiliate marketing are always looking for the best product that we can trust to promote. Somewhere down the line, we learn that certain companies just do not keep their word. They leave money on the table in this case. It has to do with their bottom line.

It has to do with their market research and it may just be a simple mistake on their corporate side. All they know is that affiliate marketing is profitable and they want you to be a part of it.

Unfortunately, it is a common mistake among affiliates. All they know is that affiliate marketing is sometimes misunderstood and sometimes overlooked as well.

Therefore they skip avoiding the common mistakes that many affiliates make.

Let us look at the two main mistakes that most affiliates make.

Your Affiliate Link Company Mistake

Well, we all know that affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s products. Therefore you must know that you have to check that the company is sending you a commission for every sale or lead. Chances are, if the product you are promoting is good and is delivering good sales, you will get a commission.

The key here is to check the company’s tracking system to be able to know whether or not you will get paid. Remember, that it is impossible to achieve 100% commissions on sales and leads. You will get around 75% on average. So if you are only getting 25% of what the company is making, look for something else.

Spamming with Your Affiliate Link
This is arguably the most common mistake and should absolutely not be made. Post your affiliate link as a comment on blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook groups, etc. do not work! You’re not adding any value by doing this, and you’re going to sound like a spammer and get banned, especially on forums and some Facebook groups, but also on YouTube, which is going to block you.


Affiliation is one tool among many in your web marketing arsenal. It can be at the heart of your digital strategy. But it can also be a perfect complement to the different solutions that you are going to implement on your website.

I wish you all the success you deserve with Affiliation! Do not hesitate to ask me your questions, I will answer them with great pleasure.


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