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Fashion can be inspiring and innovative, but extremely weird and bizarre at the same time. Fashion designers and artists around the world are constantly trying to create something unique and different, and they expect people to follow these fashion trends.

Fashion is all about portraying who we are – it’s a great way to express our individuality and show the world who we are. Our sense of style and our personality is expressed through the clothing and accessories we wear every day.

However, some people want to be unique and to stand out from the crowd, so they take fashion to a whole other level, which may not be digestible to the rest of society they live in.

They tattoo their eyes, wear bizarre facekinis, eye jewelry, strange shoes and Botox-infused bags. Even though everybody is free to wear whatever makes them feel good, these outrageous fashion accessories will leave you speechless.

Here is the list of some of the strangest fashion accessories around the world!

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Eye Jewelry

Dutch designer Eric Klarenbeek has created a line of jewelry which is intended to be worn on the eyes. This eye jewelry looks so painful and makes us wonder: why would a person want to look like they are crying all the time?

The bizarre collection features a number of adornments like crystals, jewels, and flowers, which hang on a medical wire from dummy contact lenses. The crystal accessories shine in the sunlight and give the illusion that the person who is wearing the jewelry is crying. Though this fashion accessory looks weird and scary, the designer claims that is perfectly safe and comfortable to wear.


The facekini is a mask that was originally designed for swimmers and beachgoers who want to cover their entire head and reveal only the eyes, nose, and mouth while at the beach. The facekini is made of a thin and stretchy fabric that is commonly used to make bathing suits and comes in a variety of different colors and patterns.

The latest bizarre fashion trend has hit Chinese beaches this year and is particularly popular in the beachside town of Qingdao. It is mainly used by women who want to protect their perfect porcelain skin from the harmful rays of the sun, insects, jellyfish and other irritants at the beach.

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Faux Chin Pubes

Do you know someone who’s having a hard time growing a beard? Perhaps you want to look a little more mature and manly? Then, the “Faux Chin Pubes” is just right for you. These crazy Japanese fake beards are facial hair sets that place thin, sporadic hairs on the face of the man who can’t grow a beard.

The faux chin pubes are easy to put on and they are the “perfect accessory” for all bald-faced men. They all come in black color only, so you might want to skip if you’re a redhead or blonde.

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Talk about dramatic eyelashes. Long eyelashes have always been considered a positive fashion statement because they make our eyes stand out and look prettier. However, British designer Jessica Harrison has taken bold lashes to a whole new level by creating fake eyelashes from dead flies legs.

These crooked and scary insect legs are literally attached to the eye and are supposedly intended to appear like beautiful, luscious eyelashes.

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Mexican Pointy Boots

Mexican pointy boots which are also known as Botas picudas Mexicanas, are basically pointed boots made with elongated toes. They are extremely popular footwear in many parts of Mexico and it is thought that they originated around 2009 in the town of Matehuala in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi.

These weird pointy boots have become the favorite footwear for the all-male troupes that dance to trance music. This crazy fashion trend has now expanded to different parts of the United States where Matehualan migrants live, such as Texas, Dallas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma.

The Nubrella

The Nubrella is a hands-free, rainproof wearable umbrella that can be strapped onto your shoulders. Even though it looks funny and weird, it saves your head and shoulders from the rain and the snow. Another advantage of the Nubrella is that it will not fly away nor get twisted when the strong wind blows.

The latest design is secured to a backpack-style harness with straps and a waist belt and also gives the wearers the ability to keep their mobile phones and other handheld items dry.

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Live Pet Jewelry

Dutch artist Cecilia Valentine has come up with conceptual fashion accessories that are brilliant and completely bizarre at the same time. The collection named “Fur is Alive” consists of jewelry that incorporates living animals in an attempt to show the beauty of animals while exposing the harsh reality of the fur industry.

The designer hopes that her collection will convey the message that fur itself is not beautiful, so murdering animals for the sake of fashion should never be tolerated. All of the designs were made using a 3D printer and the bird was just photoshopped into the design. Of course, the quirky collection isn’t meant to be worn.

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LED Eyelashes

Many women want larger eyes with long eyelashes, and sometimes this desire can become almost obsessive, so they opt for plastic surgery. The LED eyelash is a clever and innovative product that speaks to women’s desire for bigger eyes.

Created by artist Soomi Park, these LED eyelashes are controlled via a tilt sensor that turns the lashes on and off. The sensors perceive the movements of the pupil in the eyes and eyelids, so if the wearer moves her head, the LED Eyelash will flicker following her movements. This is probably one of the craziest ways to make your eyes stand out!

Ice Jewelry

Inventive, unique, innovative, intriguing… and downright odd. Designers have come up with jewelry including bracelets, chains, and rings which are basically made out of frozen water. Even though this ice jewelry might be a cool way to chill out during the hot summer, we all know what happens to ice when it spends some time in temperatures over freezing. This is a completely ridiculous invention that will leave you with wet and bare hands in just a few minutes, well unless you’re planning on going to the North Pole.

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Botox Injected Bags

Italian designer Mauro Orietti-Carella makes stylish accessories for the fashion industry using unconventional technology. He uses Botox injections, which are extremely popular among Hollywood actresses.

The designer who used to be a professional dermatologist in the past has started experimenting with bags a few years ago and discovered that Botox injections significantly increase the quality of the leather.

The leather becomes much softer and durable while the colors become more vivid. The bags are also coated with a layer of gold and silver dust mix. The Botox-infused bags are very popular among celebrities such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Kylie Minogue.


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