Website Relaunch- What Does That Mean for You in Concrete Terms?



The web is a constantly changing world. Whether technically or graphically, your site is aging and may no longer meet your needs or the expectations of Internet users and search engines. Are you concerned by the redesign, total or partial of your website? Find out the big reasons why you should consider this procedure.

There are good reasons why our customers are relaunching their website:

Reasons for a website relaunch

Outdated web design
Similar to clothing, websites can also be assigned to specific years based on their design. That’s okay, or at least unavoidable. However, this not only means that you can “ignore” your own website, but also that a modern corporate image is no longer underlined by your own website over the years. If this is important for your target group, then it’s time for a relaunch!

Use of modern web technologies
If we consider the current possibilities that Javascript offers in connection with modern HTML and CSS: Comfortable and user-friendly access to the website as well as representative slider effects underline modernity and user-friendliness for your website visitors.

PS: The type of structure of the individual websites has also changed significantly for usability reasons (which can have a noticeably positive effect on conversions).

Impressive pictures in large format
What was impossible or very difficult years ago is possible today. Just think of developments in Internet speed: at some point, image loading will no longer play a role at all. What would have been a no-go a few years ago is standard today. Large-format images such as the image with the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly, which you can see at the top of this page, are of course possible for current websites. For the smartphone version, these images can be delivered reduced in size (or hidden completely).

Responsive web design
“The world is on the move”, one could come to this conclusion if one takes a look at the website statistics. User behavior makes it known: websites are accessed from tablets and smartphones. And often in percentages that make it necessary to provide your own website visitors with a better user experience through responsive web design.

Responsive means that the individual websites automatically adapt to the size of the output device, including menu navigation based on the situation.

Damage to the site. 

The degree of complexity of the work and the possibility of their implementation depends on the degree of damage, condition, technologies on which the site is made, and is always negotiated by the upcoming contractor on an individual basis. Moreover, damage can be caused both by the “ill-wisher” and with the help of those persons who directly service and maintain it.

Fatal errors, force stop.

No one is immune from them. They can be caused by a variety of reasons, from a ridiculous administrative error to a “crash” caused by critical errors on the site. The approach to this reason is individual.

Do you find yourself again? Then you might be interested in the next point:

How does a website relaunch work?

New functionalities
In the first step, your specific ideas are discussed:

What is your target group? What are their expectations when visiting your website?
What additional requirements should your new website meet?
Which functionalities do you need in addition to the existing toolkit in order to implement them?
What effect should the design achieve?

New design
In the next step, for larger projects, we create a prototype (still without a design) that precisely shows the possibilities of the website. Your new web design will be created on the basis of the agreements and – if available – the prototype. We make sure that your corporate identity is well expressed in the new web design.

The created design templates show you exactly what your future website will look like. In this way, you can be sure of receiving a website that completely meets your wishes and requirements.

Data transfer or new entry
Data transfer for a website
If you have a large number of websites, you should consider whether you can carry out an automatic data transfer. For smaller websites or if you recommend redesigning the website, it may be advisable to actually start over. The old pages are then assigned to the new websites for Google.

Data transfer in an online shop
There are many special features to consider when transferring data to an online shop. For the short version of this page, it should be said that there are interfaces to transfer data from one online shop to another. Or we consider the interface to your inventory management – which is easier!


Digital marketing is evolving rapidly. Today, the website is no longer just the showcase of your activity but a tool to stand out from the competition and generate online business opportunities.
What is the point of keeping a site that is poorly referenced on search engines and that no longer matches the brand’s identity and its marketing objectives?

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