Tweak Your Marketing Strategy During the Coronavirus Crisis



As the coronavirus is spreading rapidly all over the globe, it is becoming more challenging to deal with the pandemic. Nowadays, saving human lives is the primary concern of government agencies and healthcare organizations. Avoiding crowds and staying home are the best possible solutions to prevent the spread of the virus.

In the age of coronavirus, brands ranging from airlines, manufacturing, restaurants to hospitality, and event management, every business is facing the financial crunch due to quarantine restrictions.

They have to halt their operations, cancel major conferences, postpone product launches, and other business events at the moment.

Many entrepreneurs, marketers, and other business professionals are worried about the future of their businesses due to significant changes in customer behavior.

Businesses are facing unique challenges due to coronavirus lockdown; they are pondering how to care for their customers and communities while promoting their brand during the coronavirus crisis.

It is high time for businesses to come up with a robust marketing strategy to meet the needs of their customers even during this challenging time.

Let’s find out how to revise your marketing strategy to promote your products or services during the coronavirus crisis.

Create New Marketing Campaigns

As people are practicing social distancing and staying home, they are spending more time on their phones and laptops than ever.

So, it is the best time to strengthen your digital marketing efforts and create more creative campaigns and online ads for your audience.

So, when it comes to revising your marketing strategy like Facebook campaigns due to the coronavirus crisis, the first step every digital marketing agency should consider is to come up with some new and relevant marketing campaigns.

Pause all those campaigns that are not relevant to the current situation and immediately make changes in your pre-scheduled content.

You can make the most of this time by creating some post-quarantine campaigns and determine what content will be most impactful for your audience in the near future.

Be Careful About Your Content and Visuals

It’s high time for brands to audit your campaigns’ content and visuals according to the current situation. Carefully think about the message your brand is conveying through content and visuals.

For instance, you should avoid using images of the crowd, people working in offices, and social gatherings. However, you can use the images of family members spending time together due to the coronavirus quarantine.

Similarly, you should make changes in your content strategy and avoid using phrases like, get closer to your customers, work together, stay in touch, etc. It is highly recommended to avoid using content that encourages immediate interaction.

So, review all your marketing campaigns and revise their visuals and content or hold the campaign for the later in the year. At this moment, you need to put your focus into changing the content and visuals of your emails, social media posts, blogs, PPC campaigns, and taglines.

Choose the Right Communication Channels

In this situation of fear, anxiety, and worry, invest your efforts to help support your customers and communities. Choose the right communication channels and inform your customers about the actions your company is taking to manage the situation. Let your customers and stakeholders know what changes you are making in your shipping policy due to store closure and what precautions you are taking to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

You can use your company’s website, blog, newsletters, social media channels to consistently communicate your plans. You can create a blog post or an infographic to share the valuable information related to coronavirus. Try to do your best to help your audience by sharing relevant content, informative tips, and exclusive offerings.

Make the most of social listening and proactively respond to your customers’ queries, complaints, concerns. Ask them what problems they are facing due to the lockdown situation and then make changes in your product delivery and shipping processes.

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Harness the Power of Video Conferencing

Since coronavirus is causing operational disruptions to fields ranging from travel and sports to retail and restaurants. Many official events such as seminars, conferences, product launches, and industry gatherings are canceled to prevent the spread of the virus.

Many businesses are looking for digital alternatives to run these events. Using video conferencing tools is a great idea for face to face, honest, and open discussion.

You can use these platforms to share important information, business ideas and market your products or services. Zoom, Apple FaceTime, and Google Hangouts are a few popular video conferencing apps that your agency can use for group and one-to-one conversations while still maintaining social distancing measures.

Key Takeaways

In these frightening and uncertain circumstances where businesses of all kinds ranging from e-commerce to the sports industry are facing a financial crisis due to coronavirus outbreak, your brand should focus on creating a strong relationship.

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