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UPDATED on 05.10.2020

Also called the Kingdom of The Netherlands, Amsterdam may be a thriving town with several faces, from beautiful design and trendy youths to controversial and historical sites. Amsterdam is abundant with sightseeing, attractions, and a lot of nightlife activities than you’ll imagine.

With its relaxed attitudes, tolerance, and fairly smart English, the large town may be a refreshing destination to go to. However, don’t be mistaken that you simply will get away with anything. Here, we tend to highlight the top things to try and do for travelers to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Visit the Gogh museum

With its residence in the Rietveld building, the Gogh museum hosts two hundred paintings and five hundred drawings by the famed, yet a deeply troubled creative person. Works by his one-off collaborator Gauguin may also be found at the museum.

Additionally, masterpieces by different impressionists, post-impressionists, and contemporary artists are a part of the permanent exhibition of the Gogh museum. A must-visit for travelers to learn a lot regarding one of the best, most influential artists of all time.

Visit Anne Frank House

Step into the tragic history of the Jewish Community with a visit to the house of Anne Frank. The nondescript canal-side house on Prinsengracht 263 where Anne Frank and her family hid in the ‘secret annex’ for two years before being discovered. Marked by an entrance disguised as a bookcase, you’ll get an inspiration of how cramp and troublesome life is in the ‘secret annex’.

There’s also an exhibition on the persecution of Jews throughout the war and quotes from Anne’s diary are used to help better understand life within the ‘Secret Annex’. It’s suggested that guests read Ann Frank’s diary before visiting the Anne Frank House.

Queues for the Anne Frank House will get really long, thus visit the house early within the morning or forty-five minutes before closing time to avoid the crowds. A must-visit for all travelers to Amsterdam for few will leave unmoved by these compelling exhibits.

Canal Tour

It is not possible to miss the network of canals snaking through Amsterdam. Declared a UNESCO monument in 2010, the canals aren’t just a picture-perfect attraction, but also played a significant role in seventeenth Century Holland’s defense and transport. There’re lots of choices when it involves traveling these splendid canals; from open-top boats of the St. Nicholaas boat club to special themed or catered tours.

Another good way to get some exercise while getting to know the city’s canals better is to rent a waterbike. peddle your way through the winding canals and decide wherever you would like to travel at your own pace.

Fret not when it rains as a result of these water bikes are fitted with rain shields too. There are four places to rent a waterbike, one of that you’ll find in front of the Rijksmuseum.

Picnic with the locals

Vondelpark is the largest green area in Amsterdam. except for exercise and enjoying games, the Vondelpark may be a thriving cultural hub with a cinema at the Nederlands Filmumuseum and a sculpture of Picasso.

June to September also sees a sprinkle of activities starting from music and dance to kids’ activities happening at the Vondelpark Openluch theatre. Pack your picnic basket and head on right down to Vondelpark for every day of family fun within the sun.

Sneak Peek at the Red light district

Voyeuristic as it could seem, take a walk through Amsterdam’s notorious Red lightweight District. Prostitutes sitting behind glass show windows and cheesy s*x shops alongside those of the clerics and carpenters while the police patrol the area, give the Red light district a sense of strange social comfort.

Though you may feel uncomfortable, the Red light district is a part of Amsterdam and remains a must-see. The Red light district is safe. still, families traveling with young kids may need to skip this space.

Drink like a native

Here’s one of all the reasons why being an adult is great- Live it up like the locals do by getting a drink at the cafes or bars. Central to the Dutch way of life, the cafes are opened within the morning all the way until 1 am or later on weekends. De twee Zwaantjes and Wynand Fockink are the usual favorites to go to for a drink. From bruin cafes to gay bars, experience nightlife in the Netherlands and grab a pint at wherever that takes your fancy.


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