The Most Cost-Efficient Office Paper Stationery and Its Uses



When it comes to handling the documentation in the office and preparing documents that need to be valid in various financial or other institutions, it is clear that the company management needs to invest in the quality representation of a paper solution. However, in big companies, where there is a need of printing long runs of data, a lot of money can be spent on paper in addition to the time and labor spent on preparation and printing. That is why the need for a convenient office paper stationery solution was looked for long ago. And, finally, it was invented around the early 1900s in the shape of perforated paper. 

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What is a perforated paper?

Perforated computer paper is very similar to the standard A4 copy paper with the only difference that it has one or more perforations across the sheet. It can be printed in a regular laser or inkjet printer or photocopier and each of the sheets can be printed normally like the standard copy paper. Then, the sections along the perforation lines can be torn apart by the user. 

What is it used for?

The perforated paper is ideal to use as invoice, statement, ticket, pay advice slip, remittance advice, brochure, company memo, consignment note, and as many other different forms that need to be divided into sections after being printed. The paper is very convenient and functional to use because, for example, when it is being used as a delivery docket, details can be printed on the form above and below the perforation lines and once the product is delivered, the delivery driver can sign the form on either side of the perforation lines and give one section to the customer and keep the other for them for record-keeping. 

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The versatility of the perforation paper

You can find the perforated paper in plain white or blue/beige color. It is usually sold as 80 gsm in weight. However, many suppliers can custom make the perforated forms to fit your business needs, so you can decide which sections of the paper will be perforated and make a deal about the look of the whole form. 

There is another great advantage that this paper offers to the customers and that is the possibility to be bought in pre-printed business forms that are suitable for use with various software packages. Such pre-printed business forms include a pre-formatted invoice, statement, and remittance advice forms. 

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Some final words

The endless possibilities to use the perforated computer paper are opening new ways of improving your business in the financial sector and the professional look of the document and record keeping. They are fairly inexpensive and come as 500 sheets per ream. Of course, the number varies depending on the offer of the supplier, but it doesn’t change the fact that you save time, money, and resources when using it.


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