The Effects of Climate Change



As it is configured today, climate change is constantly tending to become the most serious event for the human environment. The evidence which is scientifically made about the existence of climate change and possible acceleration is overwhelming.

As well as its causes: the massive emission into the atmosphere of greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide, derived first of all, from the usage of fossil fuels as a source of energy.

The complete atmosphere’s composition is changing, as shown by the data on the presence of all these gases and their evolution over the last century compared to the data of the previous times.

There seems to be concern about this widespread phenomenon among populations and political leaders, and yet there are not enough impact measures to prevent it or at least reduce it to manageable dimensions.

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Climate change is a global phenomenon

First, climate change is a global phenomenon, the effects of which reach everyone, whether or not they have contributed to it. There isn’t a correlation between behaviors and effects.

Although, the fight against climate change will in the future lead to new economic activities and will definitely be a particular source of opportunities, in the short term it will involve different changes that may be annoying or harmful to certain sectors.

If a country prefers not to do anything or inconvenience, anyone, will benefit, however, from the efforts made by others. On the contrary, if leaders decide to take the right measures, they will suffer the rigors of change if the rest of the people do not make a similar effort, because everyone expects the others to act.

How countries deal with climate change

Something similar happens with people and sectors within each country. Each time you take a measure, modest as it may be, in the sense of fight against the climate change: to prevent private transport with obstacles when parking or taxes on the fuel, limitations on the consumption of electricity, removal of the coal, green taxes, or other,  the majority of those affected will rebel, sometimes violently.

However, those same people will be concerned about climate change and advocate for stronger action to combat it. It is understood, however, that such measures will always affect others.

Those who one day protest against any concrete measure that is perceived as harmful, the next day will speak out in favor of the government making drastic decisions against climate change.

But any decision made of governments by force must affect the citizens, directly or through restrictions on companies that provide energy or use energy to produce goods consumed by the public.

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What happens is that any measure taken will always be able to find people or companies less affected by them and, therefore, it can always be required to start with others, or on the contrary, to never start.

Fight against climate change

This well-known fight, against climate change, needs modifications in the manner of conducting businesses and people. It is really impossible to be developed without affecting anyone.

There would have to be taken actions on electricity transmission lines, specifically if the main aim is to electrify new sectors such as road transport, massive energy storage devices that make the use of renewable energy reasonable, new solar or wind plants that will affect certain natural environments and a whole set of actions only possible if they are accompanied by a change of mentality in the public.

In a democratic society it is not possible for governments to act in a certain direction if there is no favorable social consensus, and not only in words but also in action too.

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Conclusion about climate change

In conclusion, just to make it clear, climate change and global warming are not the same things. Meaning, global warming is practically the main cause of climate change and it has multiple negative consequences on physical, biological and human systems, among all other negative effects.

The Earth has already warmed and cooled on other occasions naturally, but the truth is, these cycles had always been much slower, taking millions of years, while now and as a consequence of human activity, we are reaching levels that in other times brought with them extinctions in just two hundred years.

While climate change cannot be stopped, we are the ones who can make it slower, so, we need action.

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