The Benefits of Drinking Water – Study by Researchers at the University of Texas



Water is essential to life. Until modern times or the agricultural revolution roughly 8,000 years ago, most people’s bodily fluids were dehydrating.

Luckily, as more and more urban dwellers became concerned about their personal hygiene, the importance of water consumption rose to the surfaces of local homes as well.

From the ventilators in our homes to the faucet in our sink, we are being bathed in chlorinated water. But how can we trust our precious bodily fluids to be clean when we cannot closely examine the source?

Insane as it may seem, or should I say ‘nuts and bolts’ when it comes to our access to clean water, is the fact that every single U.S. city has a public water system that receives our freshwater from a utility company.

After all, doesn’t it make sense to take our potable water and filter it at the same time? Filtration is one of those things that should be required for all of our public water systems.

Benefits of drinking water

For a person to be healthy, to have a long and quality life, use healthy and clean water if you want.

– Drinking healthy and clean water is properly energetic
– Insufficient water consumption is the biggest lost factor for fatigue during the day.
– Water improves metabolism and helps in losing weight
– Regular drinking of water speeds up the metabolism and helps burn excess calories.
– If you have a headache, try water first
– Dehydration is one of the most common causes of headaches.
– Use water to maintain concentration and alertness
– 80% of the brain mass consists of water, it must be maintained for the brain to function normally.

Drinking pure H2O is as easy as going to the corner drug store and buying it.
Let me explain.
Every day, you will find two essentials in every living cell in your body namely, they are hydrogen and oxygen.

Both these elements are vital, but it is known that hydrogen peroxide is an extremely good detoxifying element while oxygen is an absolutely essential element particularly for your Red Blood Cells (RBC). These RBC’s take care of not only your body’s blood, but your blood lining as well.

Hydrogen peroxide is frequently mistaken for the element Hydrogen.

With the intent of making this confusion as brief as possible, I am going to point out that there is a huge difference between the substance composition between Hydrogen peroxide and the element Oxygen. You need oxygen for your body to function practically, as well as for you to process food.

No element can do all that it is intended to do for your body, without risking your life. If there is an excess of one thing, it is certainly something you would want to lower down some percent.

Your body is a fantastic machine working within certain guidelines given to it by your environment. Given the right amounts of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide, your body can live an incredibly long time. It works quite efficiently most of the time.

What would happen if you suddenly stopped giving your body H2O?

An important point to remember here is that you want to enjoy the food you’re eating, rather than drowning it in sugary fluids. Food laden with sodium and sugar is an anti-nutrient, essentially your body is being deprived of nutrients during the eating process. That means your body will react by storing the excess fat, thus making it look like a rarely seen occurrence.

Everyone’s body is different, so water consumption depends on a lot of things. Age, health, gender, and even the amount of exercise and activity can all affect the amount of water your body needs each day. The rule of thumb is eight glasses, but you will never go wrong drinking plenty of water no matter what your body and health condition.


Generally, we grow up learning that the average human body should be given eight glasses of water, but there is much debate to say what is the best amount. Some doctors say eight glasses is the correct answer, while others say you should only drink six.

The reason so many bodies need different amounts is that each body is set up to take what it needs each day and Each person has a ”different” metabolism, meaning your body ”does what it needs” and your kidneys try to get rid of the impurities.



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