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We live in a technology-driven world full of advanced inventions created to make our daily lives much easier. Over recent years, technology has certainly become a huge part of our lives whether you tend to realize it or not.

You could say technology has indeed changed the way we live. Life is more enjoyable, productive, and easier as compared to over 40 years ago. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its disadvantages.

A few years ago, if you had an interest in improving your vocabulary, you’d need to apply and wait to get into an institution that would ask a huge amount of money in fees to provide you the required lectures you need in order to develop your vocabulary.

Using the dictionary helps a lot if you want to learn new words. But what fun is it, looking into a huge book or downloading a dictionary app when you have no idea what to look for or where to begin?

Whether you just moved to a new country, learning a new language for kicks, or simply wanting to check the meaning of a few words you didn’t understand in class, at work, or at a gathering with colleagues, a dictionary can certainly be of use to you but why not try something even better?

Ever heard of Beeblio? Beeblio is an app that can be used anywhere in the world irrespective of your level in the language. Even though this app is currently available in English only, the founders certainly have plans of soon incorporating other languages.

Regardless of your profession, this mobile app can be of great use to you. The application was created to provide you with a simpler quicker approach to refine your vocabulary. Developed using intuitive algorithms, this application offers the best innovation to assist you with improving your vocabulary in the shortest possible time. By utilizing the Beeblio application, learning turns out to be more enjoyable with no cookie-clutter experience.

In the event that you may be keen on improving your vocabulary, the uplifting news is, it’s not hard at all and it doesn’t require any investment. The application utilizes a simple science model to assist you with learning words by contrasting your answers with countless reactions from other Beeblio users.

Let me explain how it works. To use the Beeblio application, You’ll need to provide a text or a public URL, the application will then filter from the content all the most frequent expressions of the language (you choose the number of terms to remove). The outcome is presented as a rundown of words with helpful assets to study them.

You would then be able to open the word reference definition, or you can learn, with regards to the content, how to peruse, spell, and state each word. Best of all: you can save each word and sentences containing the word. That how you can study and practice further whenever it might suit you.

The creator of the app has plans of integrating features such as “vocabulary list” and “flashcards”. You will be able to create a vocabulary list from their search results and learn at your own pace. The Beeblio application is driven towards helping you learn new words without the structure of a boring English class or certification course

One great app you can use anywhere in the world irrespective of your location is the Beeblio app. Of course, it may not be the best vocabulary app on the market to you yet but it has certainly been of great benefit to teachers, journalists, bloggers, writers, with people preparing for certifications like ESL, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, IELTS, etc.

The Beeblio mobile app for Android and iOS will soon be available, in the meantime, you can visit to access the web application. In addition to its easy to use interface, it comes with a wide variety of supplementary features like flashcards, quizzes, medical, science, rhyming, slang dictionaries, and more. There are audio pronunciations as well, and it houses over 250,000 definitions and synonyms.

In order to use Beeblio, you’ll either need to download the mobile app or use its web application by visiting You do not need to create an account, However, when you sign up, some features become available to you. For instance, you can save words in your account to review at a later time.

You can create an account in less than 2 minutes after you can begin to improve your vocabulary by filtering and learning new words.

You can have access to definitions in English and reference words you researched in the past, by accessing the archive. The app even tells you the backstory of a particular word.

Get access to more than 265,000 words, as well as definitions and synonyms, the beeblio app can be easily used wherever you are located. With Beeblio everything is easy and simple to use.

Apart from its distinguished design and advanced features, the app gives you absolute control over what you decide to learn and when you want. One of the main design objectives is that it keeps everything that the user doesn’t need away from their sight till he/she needs it. And when the user needs a feature, it’s intuitively available while remaining discreet.

The app was developed by a tech fanatic who has a love for creating and building tech startups. He studied physics and engineering, and worked in the tech industry, in different roles, for over 10 years now.




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