Remote Medical Care: Innovation in the Canadian Healthcare Industry During COVID-19



With the whirling waves of coronavirus outbreak and the need for social distancing for everyone living in this world the concept of remote working or getting served remotely has aroused to a great extent.

Talking about the most hardworking industry today that is healthcare, our doctors and nurses are working day in and day out, living a robotic life while keeping themselves at risk.

As the novel coronavirus tends to spread through contact, keeping oneself away from such patients is what is the basic need to stop the spread.

Keeping this in mind and thinking about the safety of our doctors who have to deal with such prospective patients of COVID-19, here are some new tech solutions developed for the healthcare industry that help doctors to remotely serve their patients.

●   Virtual healthcare solutions

Talking about the long-term care homes, it’s nearly impossible to leave the old hands alone as they need complete attention from the health care workers. The ones that are going through the infectious disease have to be kept alone but under a complete observation of doctors, physicians and nurses.

The development of technology solutions like virtual healthcare, taking care of these people remotely has become a reality. This health care solution is a power-packed application that enables DOC to monitor every patient through his mobile screen and also instruct the nurses to do certain tasks.

It stores the history of patients based on their treatment and guides the nurses to schedule their televisit with the physicians at intervals after the physicians diagnose the patient, the prescriptions are e-fax to the pharmacist to deliver the medicine to the patient.

This extraordinary tech solution is a great way to execute purposeful tasks in a critical situation.

●   Remote disease monitoring devices

Keeping the current scenario in mind, a Canada based company named BlueDot has launched a software that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to safeguard the lives of the people. The software using the advanced technology can recognize, track, record and report the spread of the virus in the area.

Using the available data like personal, social and healthcare-related information matching it with their lifestyle and the changing climate will create individual risk profiles and would send a person a real-time alert on his/her surroundings about the risk of exposure to any infectious disease. It helps people to keep themselves updated with the change in the lifestyle they need based on the surroundings they are living in.

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●   Virtual healthcare chatbots

The spread of the virus has made people around very serious about the kind of daily life they are leading. With the continuous buzz of COVID-19 and the robust flow of information on it has made people very curious about knowing more about it. There are many sources, whether news reports or social media that are spreading fake statistics about the pandemic.

The virtual healthcare chatbots are designed for people to know what’s right. This virtual assistance uses natural language processing that listens to people’s queries and gives them the right and authenticated information and keeps them updated with precise facts.

It also guides the users to take protective measures whether they need to visit a doctor or the things they should take care of by diagnosing them and monitoring the symptoms.

●   Telemedicine services

Treating the patients remotely through a mobile app is truly the need of time. The concept of modern diagnosis without leaving the home has made the healthcare system faster and more effective. With the remote medical care services, the patient can take a video call with real-life physicians to allow them to check the patient.

With the AI-enabled chatbots connected with a huge database that stores information about the symptoms of every possible disease, it asks questions to the patient that relate them to how they are feeling. The answers provided by the user are matched with the database and then further calls with the physician are scheduled. The user can also choose the nearest pharmacy store to add to the prescription to collect the medicines from the respective source.

It also guides the patient if he/she needs to visit a doctor personally and shows the nearest available options to book the appointment with them if needed.

healthcare kit virus

Why is it important for different health venture services to think about adopting these technologies?

The expertise of the healthcare industry can never be replaced, but when it comes to fighting against the odds like coronavirus pandemic, shifting towards and taking the help of new technologies is a smarter option to adopt.

With technologies like AI and natural language processing, it has become very easy for the hospitals and the health care systems to treat their patients without bringing them into the hospital. By implementing the latest trends and developing the apps for their ventures or hospitals that use this technology can make it easy for both patients and doctors to work faster and get effective outputs staying in the limits of their houses.

Thinking it from a business perspective, investing in such application development for the healthcare venture can be a profitable deal as being in a tech-savvy audience that is adopting the virtual facility in their every small task would help boom these apps in the industry shortly.

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In a nutshell

In the world, we are living in today, where the mitigation of spreading viruses can only be possible with social distancing, advancement in the healthcare industry is the much-needed thing to happen. With innovative apps and software developed using different technology, it is easier for the medical care industry to work remotely.

The applications mentioned above are some of the examples of a faster pace of innovation that the Canadian health market is moving with but the biggest responsibility that comes with the development of these advanced apps is making sure it is used at the right place. Moreover, the patients, nurses, and doctors are also needed to be trained to use this modernized transformation in the work process by giving them the right guidance to make use of the applications efficiently.

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