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What are the differences between cheap and expensive socks?

After an average of 40 washes, socks end up in the trash. If you want to keep the original color of the socks a little longer, you can not save money when buying.

Because brand manufacturers use a complicated dyeing process and higher quality paint. As a result, fading takes longer with high-priced models than with affordable stockings.

The fit also differs between cheap and expensive socks. In a complex work step, the stitches of high-quality socks are individually threaded by hand (hand-linked lace).

This step is saved with discounter socks. This is noticeable in comfort because the seams cause uncomfortable pressure points in the long run.

What should you watch out for when manufacturing socks?

In most cases, socks are not made of pure synthetic fiber, but a mix of cotton and polyamide. The quality of the cotton is crucial because there are big differences.

The best cotton comes from Peru or the USA because it has long, stable fibers. The cheaper cotton, for example from India, consists of short, frayed fibers and is therefore not as hard-wearing.

Anyone who buys cheap socks will also have holes in the garment more quickly. If you use socks for demanding sports activities, such as hiking socks with hiking boots or sports socks in running shoe days, you should attach greater importance to durability and pay attention to reinforcements in the heel and toe areas.

socks with dog

Today we will talk about Printsfield socks which can be printed with your favorite picture. I chose mine with my dog. Their products are all about happiness, vivid colors, and creativity.

These soft, high-quality cotton socks are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. The socks have a fine thickness and smooth toe seams for more comfort.

They are exceptional, their beauty and originality stay in the fact that they are personalized with their own photo. They are splendid, and their delivery is fast.

And I must say that they are pretty casual socks. No matter at home or in the office and at school, daily wear and vacation time they are ideal. Also, they will be a great gift for family members, friends, and everyone you love. You can explore some options here:

Whether cotton or new wool. Brand or discount store. Sooner or later all socks will break. Nevertheless, there are clear differences with socks: Some shrink so much when washing that they no longer fit afterward.

Others quickly form holes. If you don’t want to experience embarrassing situations when taking off your shoes at the end of a long working day, you should think about which socks to buy.


This is a sponsored post, I received the product for an exchange of an honest review. And you can use the code: wordmaze20 for a 20% discount for your order.




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