Popular CRM Systems as Cloud Solutions



CRM (Customer Relationship Management) provides companies with a clear picture of all customer communication processes – whether questions about products, orders, or after-sales support. Increasingly, cloud CRM systems are being used that require neither server licenses nor hardware and provide access to highly up-to-date data from any location and terminal device.

Cloud-based software such as Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zoho CRM supports entrepreneurs, freelancers, specialist departments, craftsmen, and start-ups with effective business applications that enable successful and productive work. In our guide, we present popular CRM systems as cloud solutions and explain what benefits they offer.

CRM cloud use: flexible applications with a wide range of functions

Customer services and support agencies have to answer a large number of emails and calls every day. Maintaining an overview here is not always easy.

Smart customer management systems provide a remedy at all points of contact – from acquisition to marketing and complaints to follow-up sales. In recent years, numerous small and large companies have switched from license-based on-premise programs to modern CRM from the cloud. CRM cloud usage allows flexible applications with a wide range of functions. Thanks to mobile solutions in customer relationship management, you can access deployment dates, invoice data, or delivery times, enter customer data and respond more quickly to inquiries while on the road.

Often, locally installed software creates significant security gaps due to the neglect of important updates. Customizable cloud updates are automated, for example, when a potential threat has been noticed. In contrast to traditional software pacts, where many functions are hardly used, innovative cloud applications offer the possibility of adding powerful tools to the basic functions. Hubspot or Salesforce are popular CRM systems that, via cloud computing, minimize time-consuming processes, increase productivity and sustainably improve customer satisfaction. This is what established implementation partners for server-independent CRM solutions offer you:

  • User-friendly interfaces
  • A wide range of customization options
  • Fast on-boarding
  • Security through authorized users
  • Free trial versions
  • Personalized service
  • Cloud-based CRM systems for all business areas

Smart business software from the cloud lets you work comfortably as a team on the road, in the office, or in the home office. The programs make it easier to document customer communications, show buying habits, improve purchase rates, and remind you of appointments and deadlines.

The programs also provide quick assistance for maintaining existing customer relationships and acquiring new customers. Cloud-centric CRM systems include customizable features for all business units and companies of all sizes. Through platforms such as Zoho and Salesforce, you can easily book holistic CRM cloud services or special applications with the highest security standards.

If you want to win more orders, make contact management more efficient, and increase lead generation, the market-leading Salesforce cloud system structures all activities. To fully benefit from the Sales program, you can use a free trial version for 30 days and watch a demo video.

Automatic data collection ensures that your sales or service staff keep track of everything and are always up to date, for example, when a support ticket is received with a product inquiry. If you are interested in popular CRM systems, the provider Hubspot has one of the most user-friendly cloud solutions available. The free application without contract commitment and deposit of bank data only requires registration. On the website, you can create a free account for an unlimited time with just a few details.

Zoho CRM Cloud for small businesses

Even in small and medium-sized companies, Word documents, sticky notes, and spreadsheets are no longer sufficient to professionally maintain customer relationships and manage contacts.

Zoho’s easy-to-deploy and scalable CRM cloud system is designed specifically for small businesses that want to conveniently organize leads, orders, and business deals. By implementing Zoho CRM, you gain more time for customer interaction and developing dynamic sales strategies. The cloud-based customer relationship management solution has a simple user interface and can be effortlessly customized to meet individual business needs.

The migration system Zwitch enables the transfer of all existing data stocks from Excel, Outlook, or Access such as tables, appointments, e-mails, offer documents, marketing actions, or customer contact data with just a few mouse clicks. The pipeline-centric Zoho Cloud CRM system for managing customer relationships integrates easily with other tools used for your business processes, whether telephony apps or office suites.

The highest level of data protection is guaranteed by advanced security features such as audit logging, two-factor authentication, and encryption. In addition to a free trial, Zoho offers Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate plans that can be canceled at any time. For example, the following features are available in the free Standard trial:

  • Prioritization of customer ratings
  • Workflow rules for automated conversion of records
  • Sending of serial e-mails
  • Creation of custom pipelines
  • User-defined dashboards
  • Selection criteria for the right CRM strategy from the cloud

Popular CRM systems from Hubspot to Salesforce to Zoho help your team work more clearly, quickly, and efficiently. But when choosing a browser-based cloud application for customer relationship management, decision-makers should pay attention to a few criteria, because programs focus on different things in terms of functionality.

Before implementing a new CRM solution, it makes sense to compile the required functions and check whether the provider covers the individual requirements. How user-friendly is the CRM? How high are the costs? Do I need a special industry solution? Is the system expandable? Do I have sufficient staff resources? What is the quality of the support?

On-premise versions incur quite high one-time fees for licenses at the time of purchase, as well as costs for maintenance, updates, and server operation. With the cloud version, there are no license costs; instead, users pay comparatively low subscription prices and receive an annual invoice.

In addition, cloud software solutions that are almost ready to use do not require any cumbersome installation and configuration. If you’re looking for the right CRM strategy from the cloud, CRM market leader Salesforce brings together over 2,500 plug-ins for maximum flexibility in adapting to your own priorities as needed. Ideal for SMEs and small teams is Zoho CRM with monthly cancelable licenses and additional applications. On the Hubspot CRM platform, you can use many tools to organize and manage your sales pipeline for free.

With a customized cloud CRM system, you provide the best possible service to your customers, as your sales or support team can access comprehensive customer information from any location and every system user has a complete overview of all customer relationships. Renowned providers are happy to help you choose the best CRM cloud solution in a personal consultation.



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