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If you want to increase the profit of your business then one thing you have to do several things. Starting from improving the quality of the products, making them available, managing the out-of-stock items, and most importantly the distribution of the products without any hassle.

Distribution of items is one of the most difficult tasks for businesses and companies to overcome. But there are features of the online wholesale platform that makes it easier for the distributors to deliver the products to the clients.

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Characteristics to Look into Online Wholesale Platform

Before you invest features for enhancing distribution you have to look if the wholesale platform has the following characteristics that make it the best amongst the many there are. Only after checking for these you can have their services.

Uncomplicated Usage:

Clients prefer to have a platform that is simple and easy to use. Understanding the whole process of B2B e-commerce is complicated so customers want systems and solutions that are easy to use and can be understood by all. If the platform features are very difficult then only a few customers will be attracted.

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A Personal Touch:

If you want to find a podium on which you want to promote your business then one thing that you have to see is whether these platforms offer a personalization option for the clients or not. In this way you can customize the customers’ info and the clients can add details to the product data they want to buy.

Mobile Device Access:

Accessibility to different mobile devices is another feature that will help you to reach out to more customers. There are clients whose work is totally done on mobiles, tablets and iPads for them access to the business and items is essential, so the compatibility with mobile devices is crucial.

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Different Inventory Management:

Management of the inventory is the most difficult of all organizational tasks because there are a lot of duties that have to be looked after. This includes the checking of the items in the catalogs, to report which items are out of stock, which ones are about to finish, and those that are in abundance. A good online platform must provide this facility to the businesses.

Copying Previous Orders:

There are many orders that you are in need of on a daily, weekly, and forth nightly and monthly basis. It becomes very hard to have the ordering process of the previously ordered items from the very start. The feature of saving o copying previous orders is a must-have one.

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Reviews and Notes:

Reviews of clients and customers are really important because it can help the companies to improve various aspects of their businesses. Customers in this attribute can write down small notes to inform the businesses about the positive and negative aspects.

Distribution Enhancement Features:

When you have found out the right platform for your business like Order Circle, Handshake, Dinarys, and others then it is essential that you have a few features that can ease the distribution problem that your company is facing.

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Narrowing Search:

The customers who visit your business may face the difficulty of finding the right product that they are looking for. This will be a good thing because every visit will be transformed into an order. The quicker the products are chosen the sooner you will be able to distribute the items.

Price According to Clients:

You can specify prices to specific customers on special items. You have the hold to control the division of pricing according to the clients. Also, you can give special discounts on the number of items bought and prices.

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Control on Accounts:

If you think that the account you created for a client is going to be accessed by only two or three people then you are mistaken. The persons related to the company all want to have entry and it is your duty to provide them. But don’t forget to have extra security so that unauthorized people can never have access to other company’s accounts.

Quick Data Availability:

Clients want to have a full record of the items purchased and distributed. So when they will have quick access to the data then they can order swiftly and the company will be able to distribute the ordered items at the right time.

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Recommendations for Customers:

When a customer opens your business website he/ she must see important recommendations immediately on the screen. Or different marketing strategies can be used to inform the clients of various new items. This will make it easy for the customers to make a quick decision and the companies can swiftly improve their distribution.

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More than Just Buying:

Online Wholesale Platform is not only about buying different items from various businesses, but also it helps others expand their companies and have opportunities to grow. Various comments, reviews, and notes can be used to make everything better, and especially the distribution of products to clients.



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