Improve your Brand with Podcasts



The podcast is a pre-recorded audio program that users can download from the Internet on their computer or phone and listen to it at their request.

If users “subscribe” to podcasts, which is free, they will be notified whenever the podcast they follow publishes a new episode.

According to a report by Google in 2019 worldwide, the word “podcast” has been searched over 10 million times a month, and it is predicted that the popularity of this medium will increase in the coming years.

According to research conducted by the Bureau of Interactive Advertising (IAB), revenue from podcasts in 2017 was $ 314 million, up to 86% from a year earlier, and is expected to reach $ 659 million in 2020.

If your target audience is among those listening to podcasts, then you should definitely consider incorporating them into your strategy, as they can greatly improve your business.

podcast microphones

Alternative to video and text content

Although it requires audio equipment and production, podcast recording is much cheaper than video. Unlike other types of media and information channels, podcasts are catching the attention of their listeners, leaving them able to do something else at the same time. Today, when people feel like they don’t have enough time, this is a great advantage!

Expanding your audience and building a better relationship with them

Although podcasts are a form of one-way communication, their “hosts” play a similar role to the hosts of radio shows. Listening builds a closer connection with the audience, as opposed to, say, a written text that carries the same message. People listen because they have something in common with the person running the show or the brand they represent.

The audience has the opportunity to feel the emotion of the whole story in the voice of the host, thus giving them more confidence in what he is saying and in the brand being promoted. According to a survey of 300,000 people listening to podcasts, 65% of them bought a product on the recommendation of the host.


In addition to launching your own brand podcast and advertising yourself, you can also use the podcasts of others to place your ads. This has one major advantage, that is, the audience listening to it is “forced” to hear your ad. Why?

Because it is easier for them to hear and wait for the program to continue than to rewind and thereby risk missing out on something. Also, as mentioned above, the audience already trusts the host and is inclined to accept his recommendation. It is only important to select podcasts or brands that are relevant to your audience.

The podcasting trend in America is already well developed and steadily growing, while it is still in its infancy in other countries, giving you the opportunity to be one of the first in your market and take advantage of all of it.


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