How M&A Pipeline Management Software Benefits Corporate Development



What are M&A transactions

They are complex and can’t be managed effectively without a complete management tool, which outweighs what humans can normally do. How M&A Pipeline Management software benefits corporate development is, and will remain, a miracle.

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However, let’s define the M&A pipeline. As DealRoom’s M&A pipeline management guide rightly said, “M&A pipeline is a flow of events that take place in a deal and how stakeholders work on them.”

With an effective tool for organizing deals lifecycle, teams and third parties can keep tabs on the organization, scheduling, and information available to them throughout their deal lifecycle. They can master, customize, and easily access their deals activities.

It is true that Pipeline management is emerging, but its impacts on the M&A industry is not negligible, as it helps organizations to analyze past, current, and future deals at successive stages uninterruptedly.

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If your organization has a deals team and yearns for better organization, here are seven reasons the software will benefit your organization tremendously.

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Simple Deal Overview Interface

Being involved in one or more M&A deals doesn’t really matter sometimes. For many organizations, the goal is to check deals quickly and easily.

Guess what? Many M&A softwares have a clear overview of a company’s deals, which is easily accessible on the dashboard.

Moreover, details like the deals stage, team, and amount of tasks, is simplified for the user right on the dashboard — details that users can access seamlessly.

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From the dashboard, organizations can also easily access and analyze open tasks per deal in their order of priority, and they’ll be able to determine which should be attended to first.

For instance, if a user has many deals to analyze, they will be able to analyze tasks per deal, determine the number of tasks, and determine the priority status (marked either high, low, or medium priority).

Customizable Metadata

Deals vary, and really, it is almost impossible to find two similar deals. Therefore, it is important for deals teams to quickly access useful information about each deal.

How do M&A pipeline management software help, you ask? By providing an easy-to-customize interface containing information about the metadata displayed per deal, users can opt-in or out for information that is relevant to each deal stage.

Manage Multiple Deals Concurrently

As an organization or a deals team, it is quite difficult to be caught up with keeping deals schedules, especially when using different platforms or service providers.

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Pipeline software enables users to label deals, accordingly, under different stages, without switching across different platforms. I mean that can become tedious over time.

Customizable Deal Stages

With a good pipeline software, creating deal stages like discovery, integration, qualification, or under a letter of intent (LOI), is no longer a trouble.

Users can easily customize the deal stages with the ‘deal stages’ interphase, and they can analyze all the deals in any phase in an instant.

Quick View of Groups and Members

The complexity of M&A deals even extends to identifying groups that are integrated into deals. Before the introduction of management software, the responsibility used to be incumbent on certain individuals in a team, and it was demanding.

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Good deals software can help to identify the number of groups in each deal, members per group, and many other pieces of information that will be useful to the deals team.

Users, with the aid of pipeline management software, can easily view specific information about the group and members including email address, phone, rooms, role, and so on.

Informative and Communicative Deal Notes

The dashboard is not only useful for having an overview of the deals, but it also allows users to add notes to deals from the dashboard easily. When users come back to the dashboard, they can easily remember important information in the notes added to the deals.

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Besides aiding access to information, the ‘notes’ function also boosts communication and collaboration among members of a deals team.

Instead of the conventional method of sending out bulk emails to members, which not all will likely open, users can add notes to a deal, and every member of the deals team will be able to access it when they’re using the platform.

Ease in Reporting Deal Information

Among the greatest benefits of using pipeline management software is that it allows you to export data from a pipeline room when necessary.

Whenever you have to report deal information, simply use the ‘export’ button. All the necessary details about the deals and metadata are embedded in an Excel spreadsheet and are accessible on the dashboard.



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