How Content Boosts User Experience



If you want your website to be successful and to start bringing you money, your goal number one should be providing your website visitors with the ultimate user experience (UX). Unfortunately, many website owners aren’t familiar with this and they do not even know what they are doing wrong. Let’s try to explain it as simply as possible. The most important metrics any website can have are expressed in conversions – that is how many leads become real customers. If you focus on providing your users with the best user experience, you will see the increase in conversion rates. There are many factors that affect UX. Today, we’ll see how content boosts user experience.

Content gives brands credibility

Content marketing is not exactly a new marketing practice, but it is certainly still among the most popular ones. Content gives brands credibility and it engages the customers. A content expert knows that his intention is to keep users informed. They can format the right information for your target audience in such a way that your visitors keep coming and staying longer on your website. Of course, that is good for your business.

UX is about creating a digital interface that works just like your customers expect. Since the interactions are so intuitive, the users don’t have to think, they just click and read on and on. That is why quality content is key to a successful digital marketing strategy. That is how content boosts user experience and consequently leads to conversion.

Personalized content boosts user experience even more

When you are making your content strategy, you should always have your buyer persona (fictional depiction of your perfect customer) in mind. The goal is in delivering the right amount of content in a way that helps them solve their problems. Whether your visitors are just informing themselves or getting ready to buy the product your website sells, your content should keep them engaged for as long as it takes to turn them into customers. Bear in mind that your content is not only there to attract leads – it also helps educate your target prospects and generates awareness for your brand. Content has a crucial role in creating an effective landing page too.

Users love personalized content. It makes them feel special. If you show them that you know exactly what they need, you will easily gain their trust. Statistics show that almost half of your users are ready to share their personal data in exchange for targeted content and offers and they expect that the brand provides them with personalized experiences based on their previous purchases. Your first step in creating personalized content is research. Learn about their demographics, background, personal interests, fears, and common objections. Then you will be able to tailor the content exactly to the needs of your user persona.

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Each piece of content needs to be helpful

Users visit your website in search of help or advice. So, that is what you have to provide them with if you want your content to boost UX. Now that you know who they are, it is easier for you to determine what they want. Give them relevant data that are well-researched and backed up by authoritative sources.

Stay informed and updated 

The approach to content strategy has changed over the years. Now, millions of articles are coming out every minute, and users have a lot to choose from. Their expectations have also grown, so they now turn to insightful and high-quality content that shows them actionable tips and helps them solve specific problems. That is why you need to update your skills and knowledge regularly. A good tip is to always be in the know about your competition, too. It is also a good idea to use WP Full Care to maintain your WordPress site properly.

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Every aspect of your content matters!

You must consider every aspect of your content carefully. Every element has its purpose:

  • The keywords are there to attract users and vocalize their intent – when they can identify with the content they are reading, their user experience is at a higher level meaning that content boosts user experience.
  • The colors should be carefully chosen to affect your persona on a psychological level. Experts tend to make contrasting color combinations, but they make sure that the picked shades blend well.
  • Various forms (blog posts, emails, paid advertisements, etc.) are there to make a stronger content network and engage your user even more. Your task is to decide which form is the best option for your content. For instance, comprehensive guides can provide actionable tips, but infographics give you the opportunity to pack a great deal of data and statistics in a highly engaging and visually appealing way.

Content should be easily readable

There is no use in writing even the best quality articles if they cannot be read easily. Focusing only on quality is one of the pitfalls in content marketing to be avoided. The article needs to hook people’s attention. Sometimes, they just want to relax after a stressful day at work, not engage in reading a visually exhausting article. It has to keep them interested from the beginning to the end. You can do so by leaving enough white space in your text and removing all distractions such as popups and irrelevant ads. Even choosing more legible fonts and letter sizes can boost UX. Avoid auto-play content since it distracts your users from your text and drives them off. On the other hand, make sure that important elements, such as internal links and social media buttons are visible and easily accessible at any time.

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As we mentioned, many factors affect UX, some of which you cannot control. For instance, you can make sure you have a strong internet connection in your office, but you can’t speed up your users’. One of the things you can do is optimize your content to boost user experience. Don’t forget that loyal customers are the most vocal brand advocates. So, if you provide them with what they need, they will reward you with conversions.


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