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Unfortunately, the worldwide coronavirus epidemic is making life difficult for employers and employees. Many people lose their jobs, companies, and corporations go bankrupt. In view of the epidemic situation, working from home, i.e. the so-called “home office”, has become increasingly common.

Of course, this type of work cannot be extended to all business areas, but it can be solved quite well with computer-based jobs in offices. Thanks to this, employees can keep their jobs and employers can keep their company and business. Colleagues don’t have to get up at dawn, long trips and their costs can be saved, and we can work more relaxed and comfortable. No matter how simple the home office method may be, there are pitfalls.

How do you create ideal conditions for quiet work from home?

If we practice our usual office hours in front of a laptop or computer, we can concentrate only on work, apart from noise and events at work. However, the home environment is not always calm and quiet enough for us to be able to concentrate properly on the tasks at hand.

This is especially true for parents raising a child. I think many of us know the situation where the buzzing and loud playing of children of different ages make it impossible to be attentive and work mentally. With the introduction of online education, parents have even more responsibility. However, maintaining jobs is a matter of life, as the cost of living is a serious financial burden for families.
There may not be enough room in every home to work outside your computer and phone. But if the conditions are right and there is a corner in the house or apartment where we can step aside and take care of some basic aspects, we can do our daily work smoothly.

home office desk

Silence and peace at work

Complete silence is almost impossible to realize, practically every moment of our life is surrounded by sounds that we cannot exclude. For undisturbed work, however, with a little care, we can create a pleasant, relatively quiet environment. By acoustically treating the room where your home office is located, you can reduce unnecessary noise and echoes. Acoustic sound absorption and diffuser panels can be placed on the walls and ceiling of the rooms.

These elements are made of effective sound-absorbing materials and are also aesthetic living accessories. If you want to create an even better and more homely atmosphere around you, let us create photo wall panels on which almost any photo style can be printed. The custom panels can also display family photos, landscapes and cityscapes, musical instruments, stars and movies, and pictures of our favorite animals.

Thus, these acoustic panels are both practical sound absorbers and decorative elements. Sound insulation curtains can also be used to remove large amounts of extremely disturbing noise from windows. Thick, densely woven fabrics also block light and noise, thus improving the harmonious atmosphere. Do not forget the floor! Hard floors or conventional carpets cannot really absorb sound efficiently. Acoustic carpets can reduce sound and noise by up to 20-30 decibels. If the acoustics of a particular room can be improved as much as possible, we will soon notice its beneficial effect.

A quieter, more undisturbed, and noiseless environment will help you to work productively. We can concentrate better, our memory and thinking ability are also strengthened. If we do not have to endure the throbbing that constantly penetrates our ears and brain, we will have to make less effort to observe and understand our duties.


There is less chance of making mistakes and we feel less exhausted at the end of the workday. If we conduct our business and negotiations from home, via computer or telephone, the sound insulation becomes even more apparent. There are confidential issues, business conversations that cannot get into a neighbor’s ear. It is also no disadvantage that our conversations do not disturb family members at home. Online school lessons require a similarly quiet environment.



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