Healthy Benefits of Using Self-Tanning Products



When summer’s gone and the sun is nowhere to be found, your tan slowly comes back to its normal skin tone. You are no longer tanned, the bronze tan is disappearing. So, what can you do to keep it on? Two solutions are possible: using tanning bad or using self-tanning products. While the first one is not recommended by dermatologists due to it serious risks of exposing the skin to UV rays and the possibility of getting skin cancer, the second one can be a pretty healthy solution provided that you choose the right products and not only will give you the lushest tan imaginable, your skin will be hydrated, moisturised and supple. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of self-tanning spray tan and other self-tanning products.

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What are self-tanning products?

Self-tanning products are cosmetic products in the form of lotions, sprays, moisturizers, mousses and so on that contain a special formula enriched with tanning ingredients. When the formula is infused with natural ingredients, the number of health benefits is increasing. 

General Health Benefits

First of all, there is no harm of UV rays when using self-tanning products. Overexposure to UV rays can lead to skin cancer even if you are using creams with SPF. Lying in tanning beds every day will certainly get you the tan you want, but it will come with a cost. If your skin is too sensitive and doesn’t tan easily you will experience sun-burning sensations, itching, redness and flaking of the skin. Plus the pain is real. 

On the other hand, there are no such sensations with the self-tanning spray tan products. You apply them to your skin, wait for a couple of hours and then wash off. You will have a lovely lush tan that will leave the others in awe. 

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Other benefits

Easy to apply

Self-Tanning products are very easy to apply. You need to take an exfoliation bath or shower prior and once the skin is ready you start applying from your toes, feet, legs and working your way up to your face. Remember though that the face, hands and elbows should be left for last and covered with a very small amount of the tanning product, for example from the excess on the mitten you already have. You need to do this because a bit too much amount of the products will have a stronger effect on these spots. And the result wouldn’t be a nice sight to look at. Finally, once you have applied it evenly on the remaining areas, you wait for a certain period and then take another shower. 

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Promoters of skin health

The self-tanning products that have an abundance of natural ingredients enable the skin to grow healthily by being hydrated, moisturized and firm. Also, they help the skin fight premature skin aging.

Long-lasting tan

In the past, the self-tanning products were able to provide bronze tan only for a couple of hours, until the next showering.  Also, they used to leave stains on the clothes or smelled funny. But, not today. Recently, there are very advanced self-tanning products that don’t leave a funny smell, don’t stain the clothes and give along-lasting tan. Needless to say that this is due to the fact that the formulas are now revolutionized, enriched with natural ingredients and made according to the latest technology. 

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What kind of self-tanning products are there?

There a great number of self-tanning products. Here are all the types in one place. 

Gradual Self Tanner – if you want to achieve your tan gradually, then this type is perfect for you. It is produced as a buildable lotion that gives a sun-kissed tan throughout a couple of days.

Self-Tanner Lotion – it is recommended that more experienced people use it. It develops the tan about 6-8 hours after application but must be applied evenly so no streaks appear. 

Self-Tanner Mist – with this one you can easily get your backside and other hard-to-reach spots and you will be able to do a greater coverage.

Self-Tanner Towelettes –  these are easy to use as they offer a lot of control because they already have the right amount of the formula you need to apply. There are different ones for the face and others for the body. 

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Self-Tanner Mousse – you must apply this one with a mitt because it can easily get out of control. It is a darker and thicker formula than the lotion and the chances of appearing streaks are lower. 

Self-Tanner Serum – the serum is usually made for face application because the formula is lighter and with a lower amount of DHA. 

Self-Tanner Drops – these are the magical drips that you can add to your favorite ordinary lotion or moisturizer and transform it into a self-tanning product. Plus, it will give it a lovely tint of glow and radiance. 

Self-Tanner Removal Mousse – finally, when you’ve had enough of the tan you can use the self-tanner removal mousse to take off the tan. 


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