Gooroo Steps Up with On-Demand Streaming Service Amid Mass School Closures



Gooroo, an educational technology company, is stepping up to solve the problem of massive school disruptions. As COVID-19 cases spike exponentially and public schools across the country are forced to close, parents and students alike are left wondering what the rest of the year will look like.

Enter Gooroo Courses, a newly launched On-Demand service with courses in academics, arts, personal development, and lifestyle. From the comfort of their own home, students can access thousands of courses to supplement their curriculum, replace canceled extracurriculars, and revitalize family quarantine activities.

For under $10 a month, parents can rest easy knowing the kids are set with extra instruction on fractions or Shakespeare while enjoying a library of sustainable cooking recipes. Subjects are not only varied, but they’re taught by expert instructors with years of higher education or professional experience in their field, providing users high-quality content at a low cost.

Beyond much needed supplemental education, art and music are essential to fostering creativity and promoting mental health. They are also the first classes eliminated in budget cuts. Gooroo Courses subscribers can keep up their skills and find new inspiration through an extensive collection of art classes. And if students simply love their singing lessons or painting tutorials, subscribers can request a one-on-one session with their Gooroos for personalized extra instruction.

Gooroo has always aimed to make high-quality education accessible for all. Founder and CEO Scott Lee posited that “having access to education tools while traditional schools aren’t fully functioning can be a real lifesaver for anyone’s personal development – regardless of age, income, or location.” Translating their mission into action, Gooroo donates a subscription to an underserved family for every paid subscriber on the platform, instantly doubling their community impact.



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