Going Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) – Ultimate Tips for Shifting your Brand Online



Do you know how many business owners have switched their offline operations to online business? I recently read in an interview of Vargab Bakshi – The International Partnerships Lead at Shopify that ‘Last 12 weeks have got more online business than that of the last 12 years.’ Isn’t that incredible? Well, according to me it is the right time for #GoingD2C by choosing your online business segments and goals.

Choosing the right eCommerce development agency

The very first step in #GoingD2C is to lookup for the top eCommerce development agency in the UK, USA, or India depending on your business operations and app development budget. Without an eCommerce app, it is difficult to start your online business. Basically, every online business either have a website or app. In most cases, especially if we talk about 2020- online businesses have both a website as well as a mobile application.

The terms that were new for the world are now the daily household phrases including lockdown, home delivery, social distancing, and remote working. All these terms have juggled up for making a new normal world for us. And this new normal world has a lot of revolution including the way we do business and others do business. It is a completely online world welcoming online business wholeheartedly by the consumers.

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#GoingD2C with top eCommerce development platforms

There are many eCommerce website development and eCommerce mobile development platforms to choose from for launching your next online platform. You must choose from the following web and mobile eCommerce development services.

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Web eCommerce platforms

  • Shopify Development
  • WooCommerce Development
  • Magento Development
  • Prestashop Development
  • X-cart Development
  • Open-cart Development

Mobile eCommerce app platforms

  • React Native app development
  • Flutter app development
  • iOS app development
  • Android app development
  • PhoneGap development
  • Xamarin development

There are a lot of mobile and web development platforms to choose for #GoingD2C with your next online startup. All you need to do is pick any one platform and start inquiring about the web and mobile eCommerce options. Here is an image that helps you understand the best comparison of the top 3 eCommerce platforms.

eCommerce Platform Comparison: Magento | Shopify | WooCommerce

eCommerce Platform Comparison: Magento- Shopify -WooCommerce

Launching your eCommerce development platform

The next thing is to launch your chosen eCommerce development platform. The above comparison table will help you select the most appropriate platform for your website development. Considering our experience as a mobile and web development company, we would rather choose Shopify as it is one of the leading eCommerce portals for developing the best eCommerce sites with unlimited products and categories.

You can look for the top Shopify development agency for customization and other services and can launch your dream eCommerce startup like FirstCry, Flipkart, Amazon, or BigBasket in the coming months. It is believed that the online business will keep booming as people are more conscious about their health and are comfortable shopping online rather than visiting stores.

#GoingD2C with eCommerce mobile app development

Having an eCommerce website is quite a need of the hour in 2020 but along with that having your mobile application is a must as well. Your next mobile application can be built using react native or flutter cross-platform app development services by any leading mobile app development agency to make sure you reach maximum customers. Do not forget, 80% of your customers are going to access your online delivery mobile app than visiting the website. Hence, developing a mobile application is a must for your online business.

#GoingD2C: Keep these elements in mind

When we say taking your business from direct to the customer, we shall consider many elements in mind such as how will you blueprint your business’s ongoing operations and how would you streamline the process between the customer and the store? For the same, you need to understand the importance of eCommerce web and app features. These features will make it easy and simple for your business to streamline the entire operations.

  • Customer App Features
  • Store App Features
  • Driver App Features
  • Web Dashboard Access

The customer app features include easy login and registration, social media sharing, profile management, add to cart option, payment methods, review and ratings, filter search for products and categories, add and edit address options, payment checkout, etc.

The store owner app includes adding the different products, adding offers and combos, adding discounts, adding product info, accepting customer requests, accessing customer details, assigning driver features, etc.

The driver partner app includes accepting the delivery feature, availability toggle on and off option, driver reports and job history, etc.

The web menu is the most crucial part of the entire application. It helps the owner to understand the entire business on the screen including the sales and inventory reports, earnings reports, performance reports, etc.

#GOD2C with various eCommerce businesses

There are various eCommerce businesses to select for your next or upcoming online startup. You can choose to start your food delivery business, grocery delivery business, liquor delivery business, fuel delivery business, medicine delivery business, essentials delivery business, courier delivery business, logistics business, online education platform, and channel, etc for #GoingD2C in 2020.

Summing Up

#GoingD2C is the demand of the current market trend. If you follow the trend, you can utilize your existing business resources for something more fruitful and productive. All you require is to switch your business operations online and start your online business after contacting a top mobile app or web eCommerce development agency. Good luck with this amazing start!

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