Top Universities With Fully Funded Doctoral Programs to Apply For



Did you know that there are many doctoral programs that are fully funded? The fact is that education is a very fulfilling choice that you can make. Yet, it still remains one of the most expensive things that you can attain in this lifetime. According to sources, there is an incredible amount of student debt that’s owed by millions of Americans. [1] Currently, this debt is estimated to be above $1 trillion.

As a result, you may be a part of the millions of students who are reluctant to further their studies all that way to your doctoral studies. [2] When you know that you don’t have to pay for your doctoral studies, it’s easy for you to plan accordingly for your future. Read on the find out what it means to apply for a fully funded doctoral program.

What Does Fully Funded Doctoral Programs Mean?

First things first, it’s essential for you to know what it means to get access to a fully funded doctoral program. [3] Typically, it depends on the kind of program that you want to study. However, it’s still very possible for you to pursue the kind of doctoral education that you wish for.

On average, the amount of money that you can spend on a doctoral program can range between $28 000 and $40 000. There are various factors that can determine how much you end up paying for your studies. For instance, the type of university that you choose, the program, or whether you qualify for a grant or not.

The great news is that when you’ve obtained full funding for your program, you don’t have to worry about a lot of things. These are the types of programs that allow you to study without paying out-of-pocket for anything. In fact, you can even get additional funding for other expenses. These fully funded doctoral programs come with many benefits for you.

The main advantage of obtaining full funding for your education is that you have the freedom to primarily focus on your studies. In addition, you won’t have to go through the trouble of applying for numerous loans to cover all of your expenses.

The Main Fully Funded Doctoral Programs to Know

The fact of the matter is that these programs cover a wide range of subjects. From business to healthcare, your field of study will be covered. Below are some of the top programs that you can study in the U.S. that are fully funded.

1. Harvard University

Not only is this considered one of the top universities in the country, but it also offers one of the most well funded doctoral programs that you can find. [4] If you want to study a PhD in public health, then the T.H. Chan School of Public Health should be your number one choice. Most importantly, if your passion lies in disease treatment and prevention, then you can pursue your doctorate in biological sciences.

Harvard offers you a fully funded doctoral program that includes health insurance, tuition, and a stipend amongst other things. What’s required from you is maintaining an above average academic record. The main thing that makes this program a great choice is that you’ll be exposed to various research opportunities. These include cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, and malaria research.

2. Columbia University

Columbia University is known for its remarkable clinical psychology PhD offering. If you wish to be part of this top-notch program, you should consider applying. Moreover, if you attend the Teacher’s College, you should expect to receive an annual stipend of $25 000.

But there’s more. If you get accepted into the doctoral program, you have the opportunity to work as a graduate teaching assistant. Or, you can work as a research assistant. This program can take anything between 5 and 7 years to complete. During this time, you should expect to get exposure in the following.

  • Community agencies,
  • Academia,
  • Hospitals, and;
  • Research institutes

3. University of Pennsylvania

This is a great doctoral program for anyone who has a passion for business studies. [5] The Wharton School provides an annual fellowship that’s to the value of $39 370. It should cover your health insurance, living expenses, as well as your tuition.

If you wish to pursue your doctorate program full-time, you’ll have then advantage of combining classroom learning with research-based experience. This should help you to understand more about varied business projects. The following are some o6 the major PhD business concentrations in this program.

  • Applied Economics;
  • Accounting;
  • Health Care Management and Economics;
  • Marketing, and;
  • Statistics

4. University of Southern California

[6] The Marshall School of Business is widely known for its vast program offerings. If you wish to complete a doctoral program in business, you should consider it. Not only will you be considered for full tuition funding, but you should also receive a monthly stipend.

In addition to this, you can still be eligible for receiving financial support post the stipulated maximum 5-year period. However, this can depend on a review of your circumstances.

Ideally, you should be exposed to various high-tech research positions in any of the following concentrations.

  • Data Sciences and Operations;
  • Accounting;
  • Management and Organization;
  • Marketing, and;
  • Finance

Researching Online for Fully Funded Doctoral Programs

By now, you should realize that studying towards your doctoral program doesn’t have to cost you more than you think. In fact, there are a lot more institutions that can offer you the kind of fully funded program that you’re looking for. It’s always crucial for you to use different sources to look for what suits your needs.

Most importance, use search engines to see what the requirements are for each program. It’s better to stay prepared by comparing each school, and what they offer.





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