Enjoying A Tailor-Made Holiday



Despite the recession, going on holiday still remains one of the Brit’s top 25 favorite things to do. A recent survey showed that 81% of the British public would like to take a holiday in five to 10 years’ time. What’s more the cost of the average Three or Four Day Europa holiday has increased in the last year, with a dramatic rise in the cost of flights.

The tailor-made vacation industry has got the market very competitive. The flight costs are dropping, the hotels are becoming more self-catering, and businesses are using fewer hotels and preferring more expensive properties. The effective use of the internet has also had an impact on the way we select our destinations.

According to Richard Lynn, “The client is now much more discerning and sophisticated than it was 10 years ago. It’s perfectly acceptable to spend a bit more than we might in a boutique destination, such as Bognor Regis in its fantastic village location, but it’s quite amazing what you can do in such a short period of time.”

To help and advise you on how to spend that extra bit of luxury when selecting your destination for the summer holidays, we have collated some of the best tips and advice from the boating and holiday blogs.

Bloggers Have Been On Cruising To Many Destinations Since The Recession Began

According to Richard Lynn, the key to a successful holiday for a boat owner and operator is to pick a destination that has it all: beautiful beaches, fantastic diving or snorkeling, plenty of islands and smaller British islands, and of course plenty of sun and sea. “Spain and Greece are good examples of destinations that have all the ingredients for a successful holiday for people of all levels of sailing ability.”

When it comes to boats, holidaymakers wanting to explore the waterways of the UK what are the best summer class ports. “There are hundreds of boat charter companies operating in the UK. Winter is the most popular season but reservations should be made as early as possible to ensure your place. They can be booked by phone or via the web – simply visit some site – and you can browse through others by describing the area you are interested in sailing around.”

Marmaris in Turkey is a marvelous destination for boat owners and charter companies. This is because the costs are very reasonable, and that the marinas are plenty and situated not far from the main town. There are hundreds of marinas sailing in and out of the famous Marmaris harbor. These boats often have power generation facilities and could even be fitted with water-dispensers. It is easy to rent a boat of your own if you have the necessary know-how.

It is usually possible to hire a boat to go cruising or fishing for biscuit, yet for those with more powerful stomachs, it is sometimes possible to take along a barbeque and watch the times goes by.

Those wanting to do a spot of sailing can often charter a yacht, catamaran, or other craft. Yachts can be hired by the hour and you will often find people taking cruises from all around the world.

For those in search of a secluded destination, there is normally an extensive list of sailboats sailing around that will take up the space of several ships. Just about anyone can sail their own boat through this region, although you may need to take a course to learn the basics before you attempt to take on the big boys alone.

Most boats come with a skipper to guide you along the modest coastline, or you can stay true to your own vessel and seek out the best stretches of sand. As in most areas of the world, you will find the majority of boats engaged in sailing are part of a company. Many companies will often allow you to swap drivers with other boaters, so you can seek out new friends and enjoy the company of fellow boaters whilst drifting slowly through the cove.


It is often enjoyable to go on a boating holiday simply for the sake of going away from all the noise of the city. A week in the sea or in the ocean can often seem like a much more intimate experience than a week in the city at any time of the year, and many people seem to realize that this is one of the best ways of spending a holiday.



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