Ductless Air Conditioners Keep You Cool and Save Money



Do you live somewhere warm? If you do, then you should be aware of the significance of having air condition for both you and your entire family. Unfortunately, cooling comes with a cost. The fact that there are so many air conditioning units on the market these days, it goes without saying that you may see an increase in your electricity bill every month. However, not everything is lost. There is still hope for you to save money on your electricity bill by having a ductless air conditioner installed in your home.

The Research

Research done by the United States Energy Information Administration indicates that when you install a ductless air conditioning unit, it is a better substitute for the central air conditioning unit. [1] You would save approximately half on your energy bill with a ductless air conditioner in comparison to the central air conditioning unit.

The Reasons

There are various reasons for investing in this type of air conditioning unit. Going ductless means that you will not only save money, but you will have a system that makes you more comfortable because it works better. Are you convinced yet? Below, we will discuss the facts about ductless air conditioners and what you need to know if you want to make an informed purchase decision.

The Ductless Air Conditioning Unit – What is it?

Ductless air conditioning units are similar to window air conditioning units because both of them have compressors that can be installed outdoor as well as indoor unit installation.[2] There is one difference. The ductless air conditioner requires a small hole to be drilled into the wall for installation. Both indoor and outdoor units connect to refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring. The design allows for an optimum cooling effect in only one room inside the house. Nevertheless, this unit can be easily customized and changed to your liking. In so doing, it makes the unit so much more reliable in keeping the whole house cool and fresh.

You can choose the multi-zone feature if your intention is to install this type of air conditioning unit in several rooms. The unit allows for connection to several indoor units while using just one outdoor unit. However, you only have to drill one hole in the wall during installation to cool several rooms.

The Advantages

There are several benefits to choosing a ductless air conditioner. First, it saves you money as indicated above. It is definitely a good investment from the get-go. However, it also saves you money over a period of time because of the reduced monthly utility bills. In fact, it could lower your monthly bill by thirty percent. [3]

The Efficiency

The ductless air conditioner operates with optimum efficiency, although, they do so on less power. The air is more controlled in the room as well. Therefore, if you have several rooms to cool in your home, make sure that you turn off the A/C in those rooms where you don’t want the energy to waste. The ductless A/C gives you more control to determine which room in your house you want to keep cool and so, you can prioritize those areas first to make everyone comfortable. The system emphasizes which rooms are going to be cooled and when, but you still have control over the decision. For that reason, it does not lose as much energy as those ducted systems.

Its Eco-Friendliness

With the ductless air conditioning unit, you don’t have to be concerned about damaging the environment as you try to cool your house. The system is designed using standards related to energy efficiency. You can turn off the A/C in any room when you are not using it, thereby, saving energy and reducing cost. Due to the fact that these A/C units are made with refrigerants with no possibility of ozone depletion, it reduces the effect on the environment.

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Simple Installation

Compared to the ducted A/C units, which take longer to install, the ductless systems only take one day or even less with a seasoned contractor doing the installation. In fact, it only needs a little modification to the home to install; nothing major. In addition, you do not have to do anything intrusive to your home such as opening a wall. With its aesthetical attribute, ductless A/C units are seamless in comparison to those large, clunky units you have to mount in the window.

Operates Quietly

Unlike other noisy air conditioning units, the ductless option is ideal, if you want to reduce noise and have the ability to function while working in your home. It is very quiet while in operation, and it will allow you to sleep without having to hear a noisy air conditioner in action. [4] One of the reasons for this is because essential parts of the unit are installed outdoors while the unit operates indoors. You may not even realize you have your A/C turned on. The only indicator will be the fresh and cool air you are enjoying.

The Air Quality

Ductless A/C units come with multi-phase filtration. For this reason, it can keep out dust, bacteria, and pollen; among other elements in the air. It is a good option, if you have a summer home. It is also a great option if you want to eliminate allergens in the home.

Space and Maintenance

With a ductless A/C, you will save on space since it is compact in size. It won’t seem obtrusive or bulky looking as window units are. In addition, you won’t have to do a lot of maintenance on the unit since any maintenance work needed will be minor. The most you have to do is to clean its filters.


If you really want to consider long-term energy savings in your home, you should invest in a ductless air conditioning unit. [5] They are easy and simple to install and can be customized to meet your needs. There are many online retailers that sell these air conditioner units, whether you need single-zone or multi-zone. However, prior to buying one, it is best to conduct extensive research, so you can compare air quality and prices. By doing so, you will be able to tell which one fits into your budget. There is something for every budget.

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