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You can now store all of your important files and info with cloud storage. All of your most important photos, documents, emails etc. can be stored remotely and securely easily using cloud storage. Using cloud storage, all of these files can be accessed remotely from your computer, tablet, or phone. Never worry about losing important files ever again (perfect for seniors).

Cloud storage has important advantages; it frees up space in your computer or phone by enabling you to delete those files, videos or pictures that you don’t have enough space for. Also, if you are in need of a backup storage choice for your information, cloud storage is a safe and reliable option. Another benefit is that cloud storage gives you access to your files from anywhere and on any device.

Fortunately, there are many options to choose from with the recent upsurge in demand for cloud storage lockers. If you are looking for freebies out there, there are plenty of services that will provide you with free capacity with the option for you to sign up for a subscription once you run out of space.

Given that there are a number of choices that offer free storage options, it might be difficult to decide which ones will work best for you. For some users, the level of security provided or the user-friendliness of the platform may matter more than the amount of raw storage space given for free. The following list will rank the cloud storage options in terms of the most to the least free storage offered.

  1. Mega—50GB

Mega is a popular provider of cloud storage that offers premium security to users with end-to-end encryption for files. It will give you a whopping 50GB free storage for the first thirty days after creating an account, but will reduce free capacity to 15GB subsequently. You have the opportunity to unlock more storage by taking various actions that are called ‘achievements’. Importantly, Mega has apps that are user-friendly for Mac, Windows and Linux, including iOS and Android.

  1. Google Drive — 15GB Free Space

Google Drive provides 15GB of free storage for individual users. Since Drive can be used on all major platforms, you can work seamlessly across your browser, computer, tablet and mobile device. Google Drive is ideal for sharing content and collaborative work with files that are in Doc, Sheet or Slide formats, without the necessity to migrate from current tools. [1]

  1. Box — 10GB Free Space

Box is a very popular cloud locker among big businesses. It provides 10GB of free storage for individuals along with advanced security features. Box facilitates teamwork by enabling the users to share files easily and securely. It includes an option to automate the repeatable workflows. [2]

  1. pCloud — 10GB Free Space

A favorite among large companies such as Nike and Coke, pCloud is a secure cloud storage platform that offers 10GB free storage when you signup for an account. It enables file sharing and collaboration, providing you access to your account from anywhere, anytime.

  1. MediaFire — 10GB Free Space

With 10GB free storage space, MediaFire is a veteran in the cloud storage industry. 10GB may not seem like much, but you can boost your free storage capacity up to 50GB by installing its mobile app, inviting friends to use the MediaFire or following the social media site of the company. [3]

  1. IceDrive —10GB Free Space

IceDrive is a newcomer to the cloud storage market, starting its operations from 2019. You can get up to 10GB free space by signing up for an account. IceDrive is capturing the market by offering innovative, secure storage solutions to its clients.

  1. Microsoft OneDrive — 5GB Free Space

Microsoft OneDrive is popular among PC users with up to 5GB of free storage available to any user. But, if you have a Microsoft office subscription, free storage space will go up to a whopping 1TB. PC users will have OneDrive already included in your Operating System.

  1. Amazon Drive — unlimited photos, 5GB video

Amazon Drive will offer unlimited free storage for your photos and 5GB for videos. These freebies will be available only if you have an Amazon prime membership.

  1. Apple iCloud — 5GB for Apple owners, 1GB for everyone

Apple iCloud is one of the most popular cloud storage services out there. It provides backup and sync services with up to 5GB free for owners of Apple devices and 1GB for all the other users. Although 5GB doesn’t seem like a generous amount of free storage, the good news is your photos, which are automatically backed up into your iCloud, don’t count towards that limit. Also, Apple Books, media that you bought from iTunes or anything you bought from the App Store will get a free pass too. [4] You can seamlessly sync your iOS devices via iCloud, but may have some trouble with Android devices.

  1. Dropbox — 2GB Free Space

Founded in 2007, Dropbox is one of the well-known file hosting companies that provides services such as cloud storage, personal cloud, client software, as well as file synchronization options. [5] Although it offers only 2 GB free storage space, users can easily free up more space up to a maximum of 20 GB by watching a video tutorial or requesting friends to signup or linking to a social media account.





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