Best Makeup Tips For Women Over 50



We live in a society where her appearance determines a woman’s worth. People favor the younger-looking, well-groomed faces rather than tired, wrinkled, blotchy ones that mother nature delivers after 50. Does that mean that once a woman reaches a certain age, she can no longer command the same public respect as her younger self did? There is no need for despair, mother nature may not be kind, but a few smart makeup tricks can restore your beauty and confidence with an added panache of experience and sophistication. This point is validated by April Long, a beauty director for the Town and Country Magazine, who quotes a beauty industry legend, Trish McEvoy, “What time takes away, we can bring back with makeup.” [1]

Start With the Skin

As we age, the skin naturally starts to sag and wrinkle. Discoloration patches may appear under the eyes or along the cheekbones. These changes are caused in part by the body’s hormonal changes and in part by the loss of connective tissue under the skin. To undo the damage caused by the passage of time, stick to the basic skincare routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.[2]

Daily cleansing of the skin removes old makeup, dirt, and oils that clog up pores and dull the complexion. Therefore, it needs to be a part of your regular skincare treatment. A gentle cleanser is recommended not to damage the skin’s natural protective barrier.[2]

Using a toner is a great way to refresh your skin by closing up pores and balancing the skin’s pH. Of course, try to avoid a toner containing alcohol as it is very drying for the skin.

Moisturization of the skin on your face (and the rest of your body) becomes vital after 50. The Vouge Magazine recommends using a hydrating but lightweight moisturizer, preferably one containing hyaluronic acid loved by dermatologists, that will guarantee a smooth, silky complexion.[3] Vitamin C components in the moisturizer will guarantee a smooth, even complexion. It is also good to check if the moisturizer contains any sunscreen protection. Sun damages the delicate facial skin, and for daytime, it is recommended a moisturizer containing sunscreen is used.

Once your moisturizer is absorbed, use a thin layer of primer before applying foundation to fill in any imperfections in the skin. A primer will aid with even application of the foundation. Apply small dots of foundation along the forehead, nose, and chin, blending outwards towards the ears and hairline. Don’t forget to blend a thin foundation layer into your neck to ensure a smooth, continuous skin tone.

Finish off the skin with a warm glow from the bronzer. A bronzer can be applied under the cheekbones, along the sides of the nose, and across the forehead, carefully blending into the hairline. The benefit of using the bronzer is that it naturally warms up the skin tone.

Sparkling Eyes

The eyes are the windows to our soul, so they need special attention. As we get older, the skin on the eyelids becomes thinner and more translucent. Often there is a visible blue tint of the veins peeking through the skin. To counteract these common problems, start applying a little primer to your eyelids. It will cover the subtle imperfections and ensure that your eyeshadow stays on for the whole day.

Your eyelashes no longer need lash extensions so fashionable on younger women. However, you should still use the eyelash curler and curl your lashes, starting at the roots. Choosing your mascara is important. It must provide enough definition but not so thick that your delicate lashes clump.[3]

Dot your eyeliner along the bottom and top lashes and spread it evenly. Many people say that you should not use black eyeliner after a certain age, but brown can make your eyes look washed out. Use any color you prefer as long as you maintain enough contrast between your eye shadow and the liner. [4] Using a liquid liner can be a bonus if you feel confident enough because these products don’t tug at your delicate eye skin during application.

Finish off the perfect eye with eyeshadow. Apply the color with a brush and dot it in the outside corner of the lid, brushing it towards the inner corner. This technique will ensure that the inner corner is lighter than the outer corner of the lid, giving the impression that the eye is larger and wider and delivering that fresh, natural look.

The last step in the eye makeup routine is to fill in your brows. The eyebrow hair can fall out as we age, and the eyebrow pencil becomes your best friend when it comes to shaping and plumping out the eyebrow to provide that perfect frame for your eyes. Simply brush your eyebrows upwards and outwards and fill in any light areas with the eyebrow pencil. Make sure that all the eyebrows are coated in color and you are done.

Luscious Lips

The most used trick to make your lips appear full and healthy is to use the natural shade lip liner to outline the outside of your lip line.[4] Using a shade that is too dark will make your mouth appear harsh. Use lipstick that is a couple of shades darker than your natural lip color to give your a fuller look. Aim for choosing a creamy, moisturizing lipstick and avoid using matt lip colors.

Complete The Picture With A Perfect Cheek Blush

As the last touch, apply blusher to the top of your cheekbones and blend outwards. Use a creamy formula rather than a powder one. The creamy blusher gives that perfectly flushed finish that looks dewy and natural.[5] Applying of blusher is the last step in your makeup routine. It finishes of the perfect look you have created.







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