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Well, after you first step into the country (ie. the airport), the primary factor that may catch your eye would be the Greek language. instead of using alphabets from nation language (like most people think European countries would), the Greek language consists of symbols that you just see in your mathematics or Physics Textbooks. Greek words contain symbols starting from Alpha, Beta to Ohm and even Pie. I even have no plan however they’ll “read” Mathematics!

Another factor that may shock most Singaporeans would be the gantry of in their train stations. There aren’t any gates, simply a row of metal stands and you enter between any two! Tickets are slotted into the metal stands, going a small punched-in marking. therefore theoretically-speaking, you’ll be able to simply board the railway system while not a price ticket and while not paying! however, that is, if you don’t get caught in occasional spot-checks on the railway system, otherwise you have got to pay an enormous fine if you’re found while not a valid railway system pass.

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When is that the best time to go to Greece?

I went throughout the winter, therefore I’m not terribly positive regarding alternative time periods. however I quite just like the winter weather in Athens. The weather is warm within the day with a touch sun and cloud and cooling wind. The night would be a touch colder, however, I feel most Singaporeans would appreciate the Athens winter weather.

As a tourist, what do you have to not do there?

Firstly, due to questions of safety, don’t wander out alone within the streets or dark alleys in the dark, particularly if you’re not within the downtown areas. though you’ll be able to frequently hear the police patrol cars within the neighborhood in the dark, crime rates are positively not as low as Singapore’s. Travel around in an exceedingly group and come back to your lodging earlier.
Secondly, don’t arrange most of your visits to tourist attractions at after 3 pm or 4 pm. I’m not sure if it’s just the winter period, however most museums, tourer spots and alternative fascinating places close at around that point. therefore make certain to be early, or you’ll miss out plenty on your trip to Athens.

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So, wherever would you bring your friends to visit?

The sightseeing that you’ll presumably be doing in Athens would be stones, rocks and a lot of stones and a lot of rocks. the bulk of Athens tourist attractions are its historical Roman and Turkish buildings remains, consisting of marbles, pillars and statues of its Greek gods. therefore be ready that throughout your entire trip (if you were to just stay in Athens), it might in the main be “stoning” with the stones, unless you’re an admirer of History and earth science and also the background or the stones itself excites you.
That said, I’d positively bring my friends to go to the must-see historical remains, like the Acropolis and Acropolis museum, which sits on a hill within the middle of Athens. Also, the ancient Agora and Agora museum, Kerameikos, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Roman Agora and Tower of the Winds.

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Besides their made historical, cultural and architectural significance, these remains formed a panoramic sight one cannot miss once visiting Athens. The columns, pillars and tall statues of Greek gods stand out into the skyline and type the distinctive scenery of Athens town. Visiting these places will certainly bring one back to ancient Balkan country. what is more, there’s a combined entrance price ticket to any or all of those places, that cost twelve Euros and it’s definitely worth the price.

Also, I’d bring my friends to go to the Parliament House at Syntagma square. while one is not allowed to enter, one will take images of its building from outside and find to look at a “Pom-pom” parade by the guards standing outside in distinctive uniforms, once each hour. The parade movements itself were already rather awkward and also the uniforms (a tall hat with skirt and shoes that encompasses a huge ball of fur at the tip) simply adds on to the entertainment.

Lastly, I’ll additionally recommend Turkish Baths. whereas most Athens tourist guide books would name this place, not a lot of info is given. The Turkish Baths could be a tub house that is converted into a museum. once within, observe of the styles of the bathtub tubs, ceilings (with delicate styles that have holes for the steam to flee the bathtub house) and dynamic rooms. the majority of the building is created entirely of marble and it brings out the lifestyle of the comfortable previously and their bathing habits.

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Where, then, is that the best place to folks watch?

The best place to folks watch would be Downtown Athens, in places like Ermou Street, Syntagma square and Monastiraki area. All three areas are close, among walking distance and are somewhat like Singapore’s city hall, Raffles Place and Bugis area.

Where is that the best place to remain for undergrads?

There are several 3-star hotels in Athens that are clean and hygienical and provide rather smart service and even a healthy buffet breakfast, and that they aren’t as expensive. after I went, I stayed in hotel Evripides, that had simply undergone renovation. whereas rooms are positively smaller than one would sometimes expect, it’s a comfortable place to remain in.

Buffet breakfast is additionally provided each morning on the seventh floor, that overlooked the Athens town and provided a transparent read of the bastion. The hotel is additionally among rows of retailers (for easy access to necessities) and is among walking distance of the Monastiraki railway system station. Free internet access is additionally available!
I believe there are several alternative smart budget places to remain, if one were to go looking on the web.

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What is the most effective, quickest and least expensive way to explore around?

The best method around would be using the railway system. tourist can purchase a Travel Pass at any station for ten Euros for unlimited access to many varieties of transportation (except the trip to and fro the airport), among a particular amount of your time. Trams are an honest method round the town space or on the shorelines if you’ll sort of a trip with an ocean view!

Besides taking the railway system or Tram, going around by foot is additionally a viable choice. The Athens town is quite tiny and most of the tourer spots or searching areas are clustered along. therefore rather than looking for a railway system station to board only one or 2 stops away, one will contemplate simply grabbing the map and walking to your destination.

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I cannot say I even have visited Balkan country unless I even have tried the?

Souvlaki, the Greek version of hamburgers and fast food. it’s really pork or lamb, wrapped in an exceedingly roti prata-like skin, along with tomatoes and lettuce. whereas it’s going to sound sort of a KFC Banditto Pockett, I assure you it’s its own distinctive Greek flavor to it.

If you’re searching for alternative Greek delicacies, they’ll sometimes be found in high-end taverns and restaurants at Plaka Street, however, they’d be plenty a lot of costly. The shish kebab on the opposite hand, will simply be found in tiny retailers, nearly anyplace, and eating souvlaki, would be like eating what most busy Greeks would on busy days.

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On a budget, I’d go to?

Adrianou street in Plaka, where there are several tiny retailers selling Greek painting, antiques, jewelry, scarves, tourist shirts (that largely has the acropolis written on it) or ancient Greek garments and souvenirs, starting from oil and soap to magnets, postcards and ornamental things. Plaka typically has retailers with things that may catch your eye and is merit a obtain.
Besides retailers, Plaka additionally has several street performers, some entirely painted in a color, which give smart entertainment as you ramble the streets for your best buy.

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If I’m feeling rich, I’d go to?

Downtown Athens – syntagm square, Ermou Street and Monastiraki space, that options of countless designer retailers and shops on the pedestrian-friendly walkway. when I visited the area, I saw numerous ladies carrying “Zara” luggage and plenty of alternative huge brands. Also, Athens largest searching malls – The Athens Mall and also the district is simply within the section. Walking on these streets would create one feel that you’re really searching in Singapore’s Orchard Road back home.

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Where is that the smart place to chill?

Most of the places in Athens shut rather early, except within the Downtown space.
A good place to sit back in the dark would be the Monastiraki flea market. At the market, you’ll be able to find practically anything, from people’s second-hand things to garments, jewelry, paintings, ornamental things, antiques and even food. The market is quite crowded, especially on nights with good weather and may be a good place to sit back on the last few nights in Athens after you are bored and have nearly visited each alternative place.


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