Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Florists



Online florists are changing the nature of how we order, send, and receive flowers. Like many retail businesses, going online has opened up a new stage of information and convenience for both customers and businesses. While not all floristry needs are covered by online florists, they are becoming the choice way to order flowers for many occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

For those new to online florists, we have put together a short guide on some of the advantages and disadvantages of online florists. Using this information, you will be able to choose the best online florist for you or make an educated decision about visiting one of your local florists instead.

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Consistent Price Range – Online florists very often order online from florists located in your local area or nearby. While the prices of your local florist may fluctuate, the online florists are more likely to have an already set price for its flower bunches and arrangements.

Convenient Orders – Ordering online comes with the convenience that you can order anywhere you can connect to the internet. This means you can order from work while traveling or at home, all without even having to make a phone call.

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Easy To Order From Distances – When you are across the state, country, or even overseas, ordering flowers from a local flower shop can be difficult, to say the least. With time zones, quality and finding a flower shop difficult, ordering online takes away all these problems.

There are numerous networks set up in different areas, so ordering online is a simple matter of finding an online florist and placing – just as you would do if you were ordering an arrangement for down the street.

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Accuracy With Messages – Ordering online means you will be typing any personal messages and addresses. Often, when talking over the phone or relying on a shop assistant to write dow3n your important message, things can go wrong. A crackly phone line or bad spelling can quickly ruin your nice gesture. With online ordering, you can type your messages and intentions clearly – just don’t forget to check your own spelling.

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Access To A Potentially Large Range

– If you walk into your local florist, you will obviously be restricted to the stock on hand. If you are after something specific, such as a certain flower or a certain color rose, an online network will have likely access several shops to serve your request.

This is no guarantee that you will always get the flowers you want, or that you will not have to pay an excess, but it will certainly be quicker and easier than running around to all the shops yourself.

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Order Customisation – Some online florists have advanced customization tools that allow you to pick flowers, colors, and decorations that you desire.

Where trying to explain to a florist over the phone is often quite difficult (especially if you’re not sure about flower names or what they look like), ordering online with a custom flower arrangement is typically trouble-free as you can visually select what you want clearly, in your time and without the usual confusion.

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Less Chance Of A Bargain – While there’s no saying that you can’t access some great deals at online florists, often it’s just not as cheap as some of the retail florists you can find in your local area. If you utilize things such as markets and small vendors or walk past a flower shop near closing time, you can often pick up a bargain. Online prices are often more stable, which can sometimes work against you.

Less Personalised Service – There’s no doubt that walking into a florist or developing a relationship with your local florist will allow you access to really personalized service. If you’re not really sure what you want and need some advice, a local florist will be able to give you feedback that an online florist simply cannot.

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Order Fees – Often there will be additional order fees when using online florists. This can misrepresent the total order cost so that you end up paying more at the last few steps than you otherwise realized.

Lack Of Real Inventory To Browse – Some online florists fall short with their descriptive ability of the flowers available. Typically using at best stock photos, you cannot get the same appreciation as you would from visiting a local florist.

For example, some flowers may be well in bloom, healthy and vibrant on a particular day while others may still be green or heading towards the end of their lifespan. With an online florist, you probably won’t know, but with a local florist, you can observe for yourself.

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Online Risks – Any online business faces risks of passing sensitive information over the internet. By using a safe, secure and reputable operator, you can negate this disadvantage – just look at the bottom of your browser for a secure lock symbol and make sure the website has a contact number or helpline in the event of any issues. Also, check the website does it have HTTPS so the confidential information between you and the site is passing securely with the help of an “SSL Certificate“.


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