3 Career Options for Fashion Design Degree Holders



Fashion is one thing that keeps on changing every now and then. Fashion is not only something to be applied to clothes, but fashion also exists everywhere – what clothes you wear, what footwear you use, what accessories you wear, the type of hairstyle you choose to carry and a lot more. Fashion is the way you carry yourself in public and even when you are alone.

Being a fashion designer opens a lot of opportunities for one. Being a fashion designer gives a sense of creativity and innovation to the individual. A fashion designer has a lot of paths they can choose from. 

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A fashion designer needs to be very precise when it comes to creating trends

Making cuts and new innovations that would attract people to wear or do that so it can become a trend or a fashion all around the world.

Designers are born talented and creative people who know that the public eye would like to see, create what’s demanded or even create the demand as well in some cases, and present their best work which later is set to be a trend. 

If you’re a fashion designer, you have a lot of options for careers to pursue. A fashion design degree holder has a wide path in front of them to choose from. Here are the top 3 careers that you can opt for if you have a fashion design degree.


  • Stylist.


A fashion design degree holder is ought to have the talent to recognize real fashion. A sense of fashion, to know what looks good on who. Not every trend and every fashion suits everyone.

The figure of one’s body, face cut, body shape, height, complexion and a lot of other factors play an important role to understand what suits them. Being a stylist is one of the most suitable as well as the toughest job a fashion design degree holder can pursue.

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The job of a stylist is to make sure to pick the right clothes, accessories and footwear from a person’s closet or even a designer’s collection.

A stylist makes sure to give the perfect look to the individual by giving them options and telling them what to wear. A stylist doesn’t only look into the clothes that the individual is supposed to wear, a stylist tells them the hairstyle they’re supposed to carry, the accessories they are supposed to wear, the way they are supposed to carry themselves in public. 

Ensuring someone’s amazing attire from head to toe is what a stylist is supposed to do. In today’s era, a stylist is also demanded to organize events, weddings and parties along with styling the look of brides and models. 



  • Textile Designer. 


A person who can manage to avail the degree of fashion design is obviously supposed to be creative. A creative and innovative person would come up with new and attractive designs for textiles.

Textile is one industry that is not supposed to stop until the end of time since clothes is something that is supposed to be forever and people are always in search of new and innovative designs for their attire.

The job of a textile designer is to create attractive and innovative 2D patterns for clothes. This includes weave, knit patterns and even printed fabrics.

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These fabrics can be used in a lot of aspects such as curtains, carpets, clothes, interior furnishing and a lot more. Textile designers have the advantage to work in both the industry as well as individually as a freelancer. All they have to do is create unique and demanding designs and sell them to their best price in the market. 

The technological enhancements have now made the jobs of textile designers comparatively easier. The factor that makes you a good textile designer is to understand what the demand is at the time and what the public would want to see on them or around them.


  • Fashion Bloggers. 


Having the right information about fashion is what the fashion magazine look for in their writers and bloggers. Fashion bloggers are hired by companies, magazines, make-up artists, salons and a lot more people to write blogs for them which would help convince the reader to try their product or service. 

You can also pursue your career to be an individual freelance fashion blogger. Soon you could be hired by good companies as their fashion bloggers if you have the right audience and reach that would create benefit for them.

For instance, the fashion bloggers know that the Harley Quinn costume is in trend right now. All you would see in these fashion blogs would be about her costume. 

Being a fashion blogger, you need to be aware of all the past, current and upcoming fashion trends. Fashion blogging isn’t only concerned with the clothes worn by the people, it also refers to the make-up done, the footwear, the accessories that would go in hand with the attire and creates an overall look for the individual. Fashion bloggers either favor that look or criticize them. 


Having a fashion design degree can open a lot of paths for an individual who can pursue many fields. The advantage of having this degree is that a fashion designer can either work for an organization or be a freelancer. 

There are a lot more careers that you can opt for if you are a fashion design degree holder. Being in this career is no doubt a lot of money but simultaneously is a lot of work. There might be times when your creation or innovation fails to hit the market and there might be times when people would be dying to buy your designs.

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