21 Reasons to Play Guild Wars 2 in 2021



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Quality MMO games are a rarity and can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Over the years we remember numerous MMO games that appeared only to be meaninglessly trampled by time. A small number of games, however, reject such a fate. They are constantly evolving, expanding, and occupying the minds of gamers with impressive stories, complex mechanics, and unique game modes. Guild Wars 2 is a great MMO game, and our goal is to convince you why 2021 is a great time to check out the game.

1. You have five playful races. Each of the races is unique in terms of appearance, story and the area in which the adventure begins. Charr are huge, warlike creatures, and Asura are tiny, arrogant thinkers who find pleasure in intellectually imposing superiority. Sylvari are noble creatures who borrow the characteristics of trees and herbs, and Norn are giants who see fame in hopeless battles and hunts. In all of this, people try to find their place under the sun by showing flexibility and tirelessness.

2. The basic game has eight professions. Each profession differs significantly in terms of the weapons it can use and its capabilities. Mesmer dominates by placing clones and invoking destructive illusions, and Elementalist draws force from the four elements and burns, heals, crushes, or flows through the battlefield as if there were no tomorrow. Playing with numerous specializations and combinations seems to have no end, and the numerous experiments reward you with dynamic playing styles.

3. A long story that breaks down depending on your decisions. At certain times you can choose whether to go with a direct attack or to use stealth tactics, to support one group or another. In turn, the replay value increases, especially when you consider point 4.

4. The game has full voice support and talented actors lend their voice to every person you come in contact with. We mentioned earlier that you have five playful races. But in addition to race, you can choose both male and female. Depending on your choice, your hero is given one of 10 possible acting voices. So, if you choose a man of the human race, the voice is borrowed from the one-and-only Nolan North (Uncharted). The voice of the female Sylvari, on the other hand, is borrowed from Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect).

5. The world in Guild Wars 2 is astonishingly huge. Depending on the breed chosen, you will be housed in a unique region that later expands into four more. The Norn breed places you in cold mountainous areas, while the Sylvari are in densely populated forest areas and jungles. When it comes to map diversity, Guild Wars 2 is an expert!

6. Numerous side activities beg for your attention and influence. Depending on where you are, you will encounter a variety of dynamic events. Someone needs to defend himself, someone needs to be accompanied, a third wants to save his village, a fourth wants to disguise himself and infiltrate behind enemy lines, and a fifth wants to turn you into a wolf and allow you to become one with your wildlife. There is no end to such dynamic events, you can solve them to the very end, and you can intervene briefly, so you can continue where you left off. To get the prize from the event, you only need to give a small contribution, there is no penalty if you do not stay until the end.

7. You have so-called Renown Hearts in almost all regions. If you stay in the area around the heart and help perform a number of activities, the heart will be filled and you will gain access to unique equipment or weapons. Every heart has different missions, and once you complete them, you can move on to discovering points of interest, striking truths, points for teleportation and much more!

8. Absolutely everything in the game can be completed with friends. Whether it’s a mission from your campaign or a dynamic event, you can easily join a group and start a joint adventure. This is especially interesting when a challenging group event or boss appears.

9. You can do almost everything in the game yourself. Do you want to relax and explore the world on your own, without the external pressures that could be imposed on a group? Absolutely no problem, choose a region and start walking. Guild Wars 2 is a game that is equally fun when you are in a group and when you are alone.

10. The community will welcome you with open arms. If you have a question, ask it in the chat and you will get an answer soon. It often happens that there are veteran players in the starting zones who apply for any assistance to the starting players. You also have at the disposal guilds that you can join, socialize, decorate your Guild area, but also take part in unique activities with other guild players.

11. PvP features a number of modes in which you can test your strengths. Each map has certain goals that your team should pay attention to if they want to win. So, on one map you can take a powerful artifact that gives you a second life, and on another you can use trebuchet to bomb enemies and key points. The rewards you get through PvP are definitely not to be underestimated.

12. WvW is another PvP-minded mode that takes you to a huge map where hundreds and hundreds of real players compete, divided into three teams. Destroy and capture enemy castles, intercept enemy lines and resources, build walls, catapults, shields and numerous instruments of mass destruction, and more. With an experienced commander who knows how to organize and guide you, WvW becomes a chaotic and ingenious mode where you feel like you are in a gear of huge, well-oiled machinery.

13. Dungeons are PvE instances where you and your team of up to five players join forces to go through challenging waves of enemies. Each of the nine dungeons has a mode that focuses primarily on the story and a more challenging mode that requires significantly good coordination.

14. Fractals are a special form of mini-dungeons where you aim for a quick but common puzzle-solving and boss fight. Certain mechanics that are unique to this mode require constant improvement and upgrading, especially for heavier levels, but also better rewards.

15. Raids are PvE instances with 10 players. The focus is on challenging fights and mechanics, and spartan coordination, proper positioning and appropriate builds are required. Raids are recommended only for the most experienced and patient players. Before you start thinking about raids, it might be a good idea to check out the next point.

16. Strike missions work in a similar way to raids but their goal is to get you closer to the ultimate challenge. Look at strike missions as great training sessions that are both exciting and rewarding.

17. Heart of Thorns is the first expansion that introduces new regions, a new story, a new profession and specializations, as well as new powerful upgrades that are active for all your heroes. One such master upgrade allows you to jump from anywhere and start floating through the air, giving you completely new ways to explore the vast world.

18. Path of Fire is the second expansion that finally allowed us to explore the crystal desert and experience the epic battle with Balthazar. We have at our disposal one of the best stories in the series, stunningly beautiful regions to explore as well as five unique riding animals. If the raptor allows us to make huge horizontal jumps, the sprigger allows us to climb high places that were previously extremely challenging or inaccessible to us. With another animal we sail through the water, and with another we fly. Path of Fire made a complete revitalization and GW2 got a significantly richer dimension.

19. Living World are numerous seasons full of episodes that take place between the release of the expansions. The third season has six episodes. Each of the episodes features a new story, a new region, new weapons, equipment and clothing. The fourth season also has six episodes, and in addition to all of the above, it unlocked two more riding animals, not excluding the phenomenal dragon with which we have complete control over the airspace.

20. End of Dragons will be the third expansion that should appear this summer and allow us to explore Kanta. Most of the novelties are kept secret, but we dare to assume that we could get a new gaming race (Tengu), a complex housing system, and the possibility of AI-controlled passengers.

21. Fair policy regarding microtransactions. The things you buy from the store have primarily cosmetic value. Certain tools that you can buy definitely make your experience easier, but in no way make you superior to those who do not reach for their wallet. Guild Wars 2 has one thing we have not encountered in any other MMO game. It allows you to transform the gold you collect by playing in-game into a premium currency that can be bought for real money. This means that if you play GW2 you can turn gold into gems and buy premium work from the store, such as a new suit, weapon look, and the like.

These were our reasons why we think 2021 is a great year to (re)dive into Guild Wars 2. We hope you will give the game a chance and check out some of the many unique modes.




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