15 Unconventional Facts About Fashion Fabrics That You Won’t Find in Any Blog



Let’s take a minute out and talk about wearable arts

What was old is new again! When orange became the black, and Salvador Dali masks came back in fashion, it would not be wrong to say that recycling is not always limited to plastics; brands are now using various kinds of fabrics while complementing them with specific recyclable fashions and giving forth an unconventional wearable.

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We know you cannot always wear silk super-settled with half-sided broken CDs or teabag designs, but that still is a beautiful outfit for your unordinary elite classed meet-up. Old 90’s flannel was brought back by fashion, given an ultra-classy definition and not the least to say an alumni comeback festival for flannel fabric manufacturers.

So now we know why red jumpsuits with Dali masks became a cool thing to wear at blessed-night parties after The Profesōr picked them. So, if you are a fan of these runway trends, you would be the one to wear vacuum bags in the most upmarket luxurious way leaving the crowd behind, with their eyes wide open. 

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Flax is the mother of all fabrics

Interestingly, flax is the earliest known fabric that was processed and used to make linen fabric. Linen fabric is one of the most liked fabrics of the modern-day. It is experiencing a massive come-back in upholstery and drapery. Nonetheless, flax was seen used in the earliest of the times, traveling back to 5000 BC, perhaps.

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Wool and cotton are a global effort

It is believed that two of the significant fabrics, cotton, and wool, were discovered by the world in 3000 BC. After flax, cotton and wool are the second most used fabrics in the world until the day China did its work and introduced silk. The most prominent dealers of these fibers were Israel, Egypt, and Turkey. Egypt is still known to be the manufacturer of the highest-quality cotton.

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silk fabric

Let’s thank China for the silk

The evidence of the use of silk was first seen in China in 2500 BC. China is still the biggest exporter of silk. China holds the crown of introducing the world to one of the swankest fabrics. Think of yourself wearing flax, wool or cotton to your wedding, if you hate it as much as I did, let’s take a moment out and thank China. China has been the biggest manufacturer and exporter of silk for over 100 years.

First human-made fiber

While wool and cotton were extracted from plants, and the silkworms created silk, humans tended to develop a fiber as well. It’s okay to get bored from the similar types of fiber and try creating a new for yourself, so as a result, Rayon was introduced. Rayon is known to be the first human-made fiber. Interesting fact, human-made fibers have only been in use since the past 100 years, before them, and even after them, cotton, wool, and silk enjoyed their tremendous reigns. Rayon was introduced as “artificial silk” in 1910. 

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What’s even finer than silk?

If something is finer than silk, it is human hair. However, Ultrasuede or microfiber that was introduced by Japan is 100 times finer than human hair. It was produced and deployed almost 20 years ago and is known to be the thinnest of all the fibers. 

Welcome the wool-competitor

Acrylic and nylon are the human-made fibers that came in to disturb the woolen monopoly in 1983. Wool had some flaws such as being hard to wash, fiber color betrayal, so humans took advantage of the drawbacks and introduced a soft wool-like fiber that had abilities like color retention, and it was washable. 

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Silk is not the boss

Nylon, on the other hand, gave a tough time to silk as well. It completely replaced the women’s stockings because it came with properties like abrasion resistance, high strength, and resilience. 

Customers hold the crown

 A study was done for an average textile user state that every one in five modern-day customers throws away the clothes after a single-use while the average lifetime of any cloth is roughly two years. So, in a free-economy, this business mantra is pervasive that the customer is the king. 

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Classic glamour now invites innovations

Innovations in the glamour are now the newest thing. Mixing leather with other fabrics is giving rise to a new product line, which is regarded as the machine fiber. So, don’t get confused next time when you see a person wearing a leather top with a flannel skirt because that is the technology of all those trends that are being followed. Quite a challenge for flannel fabric manufacturers, but not to worry, you have the leather support now.

Old school trends are never too early

The wrecked look, which was initially promoted by Avril Lavigne, actually approves that everything can be worn with everything. Putting your lipstick over your eyes is okay. Put on the bands you have in your drawer and do the matching in contrast now.

Latex becomes the fetish attire

No matter how toxic a fiber might be to your skin, if it gives you a perfect fitting and complements your body shape, you would see some celebs rocking it on the red carpet. Latex is, likewise, gaining popularity because even in the most traditional and mainstream ways, this fiber would continue to be your second skin. 

Largest polluters in the world

We did not believe it as well, but that is the truth. According to the world health estimate, approximately 20% of global water pollution is the result of the dyeing process and treatment of textiles. It says that about 70 most toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and mercury etc. reach our water because of the textile industry. This leads to further health and environmental damages. 

We support purposed recycling

Repurposed attires and upcycled costumes are gaining popularity because of the wrecked yet fresh look it gives you. Now your sock designs do not need to match, and it is quite okay if your jeans are ripped. 

Sponsorship is all it takes

If you want your fabric trends and clothing habits to be the next inhouse popular, all you need is a well-known celebrity wear it. This little would go way long. The crowd never cares if that dress is made of cable wires or car mats; if it is worn by a famous face, they would own it.

Not everything you see is what you wear

Sadly, but indeed, if you are looking and getting inspired by this post-apocalypse look and wanting to wear it, you better not do that. Not every fashion and fabric is made for you. Somethings are shown only for the sake of showing them. It is okay if you don’t choose to wear a dress that is made of amplifier cables and plastic bags, it will not make you any less of an outré.



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